Sunday, April 24, 2011

27 Weeks!!!!!

Happy Easter Everyone!!!!!!!!! I had a great Easter, I went to church today and I visited my mom.  I am so thankful and grateful to be out of the hospital and have time to celebrate Easter pain free.
Since my last entry this week marks my 27th week into the pregnancy...after being hospitalized for 2 weeks, I am so thankful to God to be well again. I'm so happy to see how far I have came and soon I will be reaching 30 weeks. that's exciting..this week my body is feeling much better than when I was in the hospital. I am able to sleep during the night, I can walk on my own and my breathing has gotten so much better.. my baby boy is very active, I can see him moves as I look at my belly....its the most fascinating thing ever, I just love it... I had my prenatal appointment and everything went well. The baby is doing well and the doctor is very impressed with him.

Week 27 Update:
I feel tired here and there
I toss and turn like baby during the night
I did the Gestational diabetes test and I PASSED
I now can feel the baby's hiccup ( SO ADORABLE TO FEEL)
His movements are very strong and I love it when he kicks.....
My belly button popped out completely
Achiness in the lower back, abdomen and sides
Occasional shortness of breath
Had to buy Calcium pills to take
I am back at work......
All the weight is carried on my belly, I weight 136 ( Lost weight  since the Hospitalization)
I had to go one cup bigger in bras ( now I wear 36 C and D)
We started sending the baby shower invitations and the theme color is Blue and Green
I feel the Braxton Hicks contraction here and there
I got some baby books to read to him

That's it for now... I am taking everything a day at a time with the help of the Lord.

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

24 Weeks/ still hospitalized

................. it's taking me so much time to write this post because I can't seem to stay awake, I seemed to loose all my thoughts.
So here I am still in the hospital, there's great chance of me leaving today. The past 4 days have been very rough for me. I have been hooked to all of the wire with  bags of IV coming in every 4 hours. I'm so exhausted but the pain does not want to go away. I am taking heavy dose of pain killer and Somehow the sickle cell is trying to fight this war. I have been through this battle before but now that I'm carrying a child its so different. The main concern right now is the baby and thank God my baby boy is doing wonderfully. Right now I have to take all the precautions because I can't afford to be hospitalized again. I have 3 months to go and with the power of Lord Savior I will be okay.
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