Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Babyshower Recap...

That's Mike enjoying the chair
Moi having fun!!!!!!
Moi and my Lovely older sister... NOPE WE ARE NOT TWINS


Mike (the dad), me and my dad

Me and my lovely niece, She is a model...
Me and my beautiful mom
 I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend....well for starters, I had a great warm weekend and it was also the baby shower. Mike and I had a wonderful time, the family and friends were there to show us their support. We got plenty of gifts from the register and lots of baby clothes, also some cash and gift cards ... I was very happy to have my mom, my sister and Mike there to make the baby shower happened. They really did a great job setting up everything...I would like thank my hubby Mike, my mom and my sister for all there help, without them it would not have been possible... Now we have all the gifts pile up in one corner in the house, we are working on getting all the clothes wash by this weekend and have at least the diaper bag ready for the hospital. My lovely mother agrees to buy the crib for her grand-child (Thanks, Mom).. Now I am in the hunt for good crib. My mom and my sister think I should wait until birth to buy the crib, I don't really want to do that, because I could go in labor anytime since I am high risk.
That's it for now....more to come..

Enjoy the rest of the week...
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

31 Weeks pregnant!!!

I'm so excited to get this far, I have 9 more weeks to go and so much to do....I am doing well and so is my baby boy. Now that he might be close to 4 pounds I have been feeling very tired,  I get back pain at night time when i lay flat on my back, the frequent trip to the bathroom never seems to fail . On Tuesday I saw my Hemothology doctor and he was excited to see my progress,  my blood was drawn and the count is high, my breathing is so much better, no more fluid in the lung or crack ( Thank YOU JESUS). The sickle cell is under control, I just have to keep myself hydrated and get plenty of rest.  I don't have to see him until after birth unless something major comes up.. ..I thank the Lord everyday for this blessing... Maybe by Monday I will start shopping for the crib with my sister. We are so excited for the arrival of our son...
Saturday is the baby shower and we have so much to get done. Our theme colors are Green and Blue, for decoration we bought balloons, banners and garland...my sister came from Atlanta today to help with shower..Friday is my prenatal appointment and I can't wait...
More news to come..
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Monday, May 23, 2011

Time to get the Crib

I only have 2 more months to go until we greet our precious little guy into this world and I am still having a hard time picking out a crib for him. I have been looking at JC PENNY website for some great deals, Baby R US, and Target. We are looking for a sturdy crib that we can afford, with great quality that we can change into a toddler bed in the future. My goal is to buy a crib with a dresser at a great price. I am sure there are more websites with great deals but I have not been looking anywhere else.  Below are the cribs that I have interest on getting.

On the side note: I am at 31 weeks and I only have 9 weeks left and baby boy is doing so wonderfully, kicking and playing mommy and daddy. He respond to my touch whenever he makes a ball and i touch him. My belly has gotten longer and everyone on the street never thinks it's a girl, they always said " it's boy i just know" I think it's because I am not gaining weight all over but just having a long bell. Friday is my next appointment and I am excited.......... Saturday is the baby shower, my sister is coming from Atlanta to help us out and I am getting so nervous as it gets closer. I don't like people staring at me and Saturday that's all they are going to do.... Hopefully my friends will be my side to keep me company.

Below are the cribs that I have in mind.
Clearance! Espresso  Finish "Tori" Cribthis is from JC PENNY and it's reduced to $250 but the shipping is another $100 plus

Closeout! Honey Oak Christie Crib this one is also from JC Penny on sale for $250, it comes in 5 other colors

  Your opinion matters to me!!!!!!
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Sunday, May 8, 2011

29 Weeks!!

I am so excited to reach week 29 and the last stage of the pregnancy Third Trimester. Thank you God for keeping my body healthy and my little guy healthy too. I can't believe I have less than 11 weeks go, there's so much to do including getting the ready for the baby shower on May 28. My sister is coming from Atlanta and she is responsible for putting everything together. I have not bought the crib yet I think after the baby shower Mike and I will put our heads together to get the crib by early June.
The other day I had another ultrasound just to check how our the fluid in the amniotic sac. The result came out good, the fluid is at it's normal range and the baby is getting bigger. The technician was so impressed by how active my baby boy is.

Speaking of active, my boy moves so much now and the movements are much stronger compare to before. I can see my belly moves like water wave, so excited! Now it's the time to do the Kicks counts twice a day. Now baby boy has hiccup and I feel them about  twice a day. Last time when I saw the nurse she recommended that I take vitamin C, D and Iron pill besides the prenatal vitamin to help with the last stage of the pregnancy. This Friday coming up is my next prenatal Appointment and I can't wait to go. In June I will take the Birth Class, I am excited to see how that will go.

That's it for now. I will have more to share during the week.

Hope you have a lovely week.
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Happy Mother's day!!!!!!

Happy Mother's day to my mom, and to all the wonderful mommies out there. I had a great time  today with my mom and I can't to become a mommy in July....I hope you'all have a great Sunday.

  Happy Mother's Day Graphic
 Enjoy being a mom!

Monday, May 2, 2011

28 Weeks!!! Almost there!!!!

I am 28 weeks and a few days, I just can't believe that I am half way there, half way to the end zone. Everyday I think the Lord Savior for this miracle, I enjoy and love every minute of my pregnancy, no complain there!  It's also the third Trimester, time really does come fast. Since the hospitalization I have been doing wonderfully. Since coming from the hospital my prenatal appointment have been changed to every 2 weeks instead of 4 weeks. Here's an update from last week's appointment.
  • Baby boy is very Active
  • baby boy weighs 2 pounds, hanging there my angel mommy and daddy love you
  • the kicks are much stronger
  • had an ultrasound done and the doctor wants to me come back in a week just to monitor the fluid in the amniotic sac.
  • my doctor is not really concerned about the fluid but it's good to have more eyes than none. 
  • at this stage baby boy is in a breech position but the doctor says he has plenty of time to turn, it's still early. 
  • no protein in the urine
  • Bloop Pressure is normal
  • my hemoglobin level has gone up... Thank you God!!!
  • my weight has gone up to 139
  • my breathing got better, no more coughing
  • Frequent urination continues
  • My neck has started to itch again, it's getting darker and so is the black line in my belly
  • here and there I have difficulty finding a good spot on the bed to sleep

Overall the doctor was happy to see the progress and hoping that everything will continue to stay that way. Thursday 5/5 is my other ultrasound appointment and hopefully everything will be okay.
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