Friday, February 26, 2010

A white Christmast in February

I really thought I was going to have a great weekend, now with all the snow it aint going to happen. NO SERIOUSLY!.. My sister came to visit from Atlanta and she can't go nowhere now... I feel so bad for her because her friend came to visit from Florida... I am optimistic that the weather will get better so they could go visit the Statue of Liberty and other monumental place.

The streets are so deserted right now..

it's a ghost town in NYC....
I had to take that one.. i am trying to enjoy the snow...
so much we have to deal with here in the East

A White February!!!!!!

This is what I woke up to today.
That's in front of the house
i just love taking pictures of the birds... they look so peaceful...
the snow is about 3 or more feet high and it's slippery too...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

More Snow to come!

Oh man it's snowing again! yep that's exactly what I said this morning when i rolled out bed and looked out the window, and this time we are getting a mixture of rain and snow. What more could you ask for. It seems like spring is so far away.. I just hope i get to leave early so since it shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.. On the bright side  i get to take some beautiful pictures in the snow...
That was this morning when I left for work, as you can see it starts to stick on the ground.
big chunk of snow makes it's way to NYC
that's on the 19th floor of the building where i work .. beautiful view.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

For the Man who wants Everything: Penis Pants

As you know all it's fashion week and what a great way for designers to start showing off their collections. Well for Designer Isabel Mastache it's more than just being comfortable in your own pants, it's all about how you wear it and the evidence is in the picture.  In Madrid Spain the designer Isabel unveils the Penis Trousers... SAY WHAT! yep that's what i said too. Seriously no men would want to walk around in a penis pants unless it's for Halloween... This is just insane!!!!!!!!

Take a look!  are you seeing what i am seeing? Look at the trouser part. well it's penis stitched up in the pants. who in their right mind would wear this out of this world outfit?. The fashion world has gone totally crazy!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Big final Sale at Piperline

ok so Spring is coming soon, right now that's the time for all the big retail stores to have huge boots sale. If you want to catch up on the sales now it's the time to do it... Piperline is the best place to get great boots at reasonable price. So many selections to choose from and below are just a few...A Side note*** these boots, and shoes are final sale which means you can't return or exchange them. I suggest that you make a smart decision when placing your order***

This boot is by Jessica Simpson and it's only $ 79.97

This booty is from Pink Studio, it's perfect for only $44.97

Another Jessica Simpson boot and i have to say i did get myself a pair. On sale now for only $ 59.97

This boot is by Very Volotile and it's only $ 49.97

This boot is from Chelsea Crew and it's only $29.97.. Yep you better get it...

Happy Shopping!!!!!!

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For a limited time only!

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New! Life is Pink Fragrances

 Happy Shopping!

The after 5PM Sale

Yep, tonight only in stores and online starting at 5 PM you will save 30% off your $100 purchase... Click here to view the super sale. Here's the coupon code if shopping online BR30AFTER5 and don't forget to use your store credit card.. to view the sale
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Happy Shopping!

$25 Haircut at Maria Bonita Salon and Spa- NYC only

Spring is right around the corner, and it's time to start thinking about the look you want for spring and summer. For only 25 bucks you will get a really cool hair cut to match your personality. at Maria Bonita Salon they will make sure you get what you ask for. Hurry you only have 13 hours left for this great deal. Here's a little info about the Maria Bonita, it's located in the heart of NYC, it's a Brazilian salon and you will get so much more when you step in there. This Brazilian Salon offers one-stop hair, nail and waxing services including Brazilian Bikini wax just in time for the the summer, it also provides facials and massages too. Let me not stopping you from getting this deal, so click here to get it before the time runs out.  Remember this great offer is good for 1 year and make sure you call in to make an appointment, no walk-ins allowed.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Recap of the Harlem Globetrotters

Oh what a great show that was! I had fun and was surprised to see so many kids at the garden. It was a show for the family and i really enjoyed it... I am glad i came and was happy to see all the cool tricks the Trotters did.
outside the arena in NYC...
it was so much fun, lots kids were there cheering on the trotters...
That's us at the Garden
At the Garden watching the Harlem Globetrotters.. it was awesome!

The players are on the court getting ready to start...
It's on people,, the trotters have came to play with comedy...
say cheez to the camera,,,
MADISON SQUARE GARDEN is the best place to be in NYC... If you look closely you will see the twin boys in the red shirts with their dad, they are so cute... Come March 17 im going to see ALICIA KEY in the GARDEN..

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Happy Love Day!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Harlem GlobeTrotters...

Happy Friday!!!!!!! Tonight Mike and I are going to see for the first time the Harlem GlobeTrotters in Madison Square Garden in NYC. YAY, I am so excited.. I know you're probably wondering what the heck is that? Well they are a basketball team who play the game with lots of energy, plenty of tricks to make you laugh, their exhibition also consist of athleticism, theater and most of all's a great show for the family.. so be sure to check here for all the time and schedules for your city and all the info about them..

File:Harlem Globetrotters shooting 06.jpg

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I get to go home early....

So it's been snowing all day as i stated in the previous post from earlier. it is not pretty outside, the wind is unbearable for anyone to walk in. this storm is bad, real bad.... I thought i was not going to work but they were open for business, so i had to go. Not everybody came to work because transportation was either working slow or out of service. It snows more in the suburb and that makes even harder for the commuters to travel to the NYC...I am excited to leave work early and have time to take some pictures and enjoying the snow...

Mike spelled out my name in the snow... how cute!

I just could not go stay away from the birds, look how they are enjoying the snow just like the other kids in the park.... Everyone is outside snapping pictures... it's a beautiful day in NYC...
They are so cute...

 125th street in NYC...

This is in front of the building, all the benches are covered in snow...

That's me coming from work in the snow...