Monday, October 31, 2011

First Halloween!

Today is Ayden first Halloween and we could not have been more excited. This was a day we have been looking forward to, since i was pregnant we knew we wanted to dress him and have fun with him. Well we are so bless for this day because our little boy is a Pea in Pod and I really think he loves his customs. Growing in a different country Halloween was not part of my culture as a result i never got dressed for the occasion. I am so happy to do this for him and I do hope that he will continue wanting to do it. I will try my best to do everything for him that I never got to do as a child. I love my son sooooooooooo much.

I got his custom from Buybuybaby and  it's to small for him. The box said 0-9months but there's also a checked box that said new born. At the register i was told it was not only for new born but they are wrong because it's kind a too short for him.
My fist Halloween and i am so excited.
I got his hat from old navy and it was about $1. Now that's a bargain!
 His bodysuit was purchased at Macys for less than 5 bucks

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

3 months

I remembered when I had 3 months left until birth, it was a very exciting time and could not wait to welcome my little boy into this world.  I was doing a lot of preparation for the big day. Now fast forward today the month of  October he is now 3 months and few weeks old. I can't believe how time flew by so fast, I remembered vividly when we brought Ayden home from the hospital; it was a hot summer day and all we kept thinking was how are we going to keep him cool  with the blazing hot July temperature. I had so much worries about on how to become a mom,  I did not read all the baby and motherhood manuals for tips and advice. My life was about to change forever, a little guy will call me mom and I will care for him and love him immensely. So much was going to my head but what i really learned from having him home was that I did not need books, magazines,pamphlets to care of him; it was all motherly instinct, everything was coming along as we go. No matter how hard you try to get ready for the big day to welcome your little one, it won't be the same once your little precious one is in your arms.
  • So baby Ayden is 3 months and he is so busy doing so much. For starters let me just say he is very talkative, he can go on for hours and he does not like to be ignored. 
  • He had a checkup and thank GOD everything went well, his platelets is on the right track I am keeping my fingers crossed. He responds well to the vaccines. 
  • He is about 14.5lbs and very very long, I can't spend a long period of time carrying him without taking a break, he is super solid!.
  • He is trying to sit on his own, also making several attempts of pulling himself up.
  • His laughs and giggles are very loud these days
  • The hand and eye coordination is so much better
  • He loves tummy time
  • He has different sounds for when he cries
  • He sucks on his fingers for soothing
  • He can now keep his legs up in the air
  • He is working on rolling over
  • He loves to look at himself in the mirror
  • He loves reading books
  • He drools more and more
  • He still loves taking baths
  • He is now wearing 6/9/12 months clothes in size and it looks like most of his PJs are getting too short. He is still on breast-milk with occasional formula, when he goes to babysitting he goes with breast-milk and the Enfantmil just in case.
  • On the weekend and at night it's strictly BREAST-MILK. He is a good sleeper, he can now fall asleep on his own and sleep most of the night ( AMEN). 
  • Ayden is such a good baby and we are so lucky to have him in our lives.
Ayden we love you so much and thank you for being part of our lives

Friday, October 7, 2011

It's been so long!!!!!!!!

Happy Friday everyone!! It's been so crazy busy on my side of the block this week with work and going back and forth with Ayden to my mom's house for babysitting. By the grace of God baby Ayden is doing great, he had discovered his fingers and feet. His favorite attractions right now are his feet and sucking on his fingers, he knows the direction of his mouth; how excited!. Ayden does a lot more talking, kicking and is trying to pull his body up to sit. I can't believe it but he wears 9 months clothes in size and he will be out of the 3-6months size very soon. It's unbelievable are Ayden is out growing the clothes very fast. I got him some stuff from gap the other day and i am hoping he won't grow out of them soon. the way things are going Ayden may need his own closet.  Im still nursing and he loves taking his bottle.
        this week was somewhat a little chilly so we had to dress him with extra layers and coats to keep warm, even at night since we haven't gotten heat yet in the house. Days like that made miss the summer and spring but i am sure he will adapt to the cold weather very fast.
 I hope everyone have a lovely and safe holiday weekend, it's a long weekend if you don't have to go work on Monday but since i have to work it's like any other weekend. Until then these great pictures of baby boy.

look at me now! Im ready to go

I love playing in my crib
Tummy time!!!!!!!
Look what i can do

 mommy i am going to fall

I can sit on my own