Friday, May 29, 2009

more pictures

We were having a good time:)
That's me on the "1" train coming from the Applebees, the train was very empty.

That's us at Applebees:)))) it was cold in there.

We were taking a toast to each other.

after eating we were so sleepy, I could not wait to leave this place.

birthday pictures

As you know yesterday was my fiancee birthday because it was a gloomy day with rain and sun, we decided to stay in the neighborhood by going to Applebees. I have never been there, so i was super excited because the place looks very relaxing and i am thinking the food must be delicious. Well the waitress was OK, and the food choice was very limited, so i ordered the "weight-watcher" meal with 300 or so calories because after reviewing everything else i did not to get anything that was going to high in calories. When the waitress brought the food over I could not believe my eyes; I had 3 tiny pieces of fish and less than a spoon of rice with few branches of broccoli. furthermore, I was told that's how the food is served. All i wanted to do was having fun with my fiancee which we did. My PC is acting up now so i have to add the rest of the pictures in new posting.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy birthday to my fiancee M.

Happy birthday to you sweetheart!!!!!!!!!

Today 5/28 M. is celebrating his birthday and i could not have been more happier. Well since last week i have been buying him gifts and this morning I gave a pair of jeans from Sean John with matching t-shirt that he wanted, accompanied with lovely Card with lots of my thoughts in it. M. is really happy with his gifts and we are going to have dinner later on tonight. he is not really into the whole birthday cake and having a party thing, so i have to keep it very small; Although my sister wanted me to get him a cake. Since it's a beautiful day M. is fishing in Central Park, he just told me that he caught a big fish but unfortunately he had to put it back in the water:(; That's the policy when fishing out Central Park, one can't take the fish home. Well for dinner i was thinking of suhi or olive garden, so at least he has options to choose from.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't to go back there on saturday, there so much you can do there besides sitting around. What more can you ask for when you see the stunning blue sky....
that's when my fiancee Mr.M was fishing, too bad we did not catch anything:(, at least we had fun. :))))))))))

This is one of my favorite, I really enjoy nature:) By the way where you see these tall buildings that's New Jersey. It's amazing to see how close by I live to New Jersey...

These are the pictures i took on monday while i was at the park

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Post Memorial Day w/end

I am so tired, I felt like i have been working non-stop over the holiday weekend. That's not even the case, I hardly did anything besides taking my nephew to the park on Monday. That's where the fatigue came from, my cute little nephew whom i adore is only 1 and half he has this thing where he can't walk if the sun is blasting in his face. So throughout the day on Monday he was pretending to be sleeping and i had to carry him from point A to point B. although it was a battle for him to walk we managed to have a great time in the park; it's Riverside Park so everyone from Washington Heights and everywhere else we there, he played with other kids and danced to every beats he heard. I still care for him but i just wish he would try to walk sometimes.

My fiancee came to the park later on after work, he wanted to go fishing so i was so excited because i have never done this kind of activities before. It was really fun sitting on the rocks and hearing the current hitting the side of the bricks. At one point we had to stop because my fiancee is allergic to shrimps and he somehow touch the shrimps, within the next 5 minutes his lips was getting bigger and his arms were turning red. It was really frightening to see these bumps on his lips, He washed his hands and we stopped the fishing right away. Lesson learned next time we go fishing we will use other meat no more shrimps.
Even though we had all to face all these problems in the park we still had fun and that's what matters.
I have pictures i will post them on Wednesday because i left my phone at home.

Friday, May 22, 2009

beautiful day to wear long dress

Happy Memorial DAY!!!!!!!!!

It's a beautiful out now in NYC, I am ready to leave work and go enjoy the sun. I am going to macys to buy clothings for my nephews, so that should be fun. I took him out yesterday and he had a fantastic time in the park. My fiancee is out fishing, i am so excited because i am going there to meet him after I finish shopping; hopefully i will catch a big fish:::)
I normally don't wear long dress but i just could not resist the elegance of that dress and i am not too short it for it. I feel so different and beautiful. My dress is so long i had to lift it up when going down the stairs in the train station, the slight problem with this dress is that the bottom is not wide, other wise i love it. I got from MACYS under $15.00 and the sweater was just $5.00 from 40.00
Since it's Memorial Day- there are lots of men in uniform in the street of NYC and the boats are all over, I can't wait to go see the boats and the helicopters flying all over Hudson River.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

my fancy dress- sale at Macys

I really like that dress its from KensieGirl- I had on legging because the dress is a little too short for work.

This is what I was wearing on Wednesday, I went at Macy's with my fiancee and he snapped that shot. Since it's Memorial Day there's a huge SALE at Macy's, I was happy to go there. It's been a while since I last bought something there, as you know i am keeping low when it comes to shopping. So I got few Items and so did my fiancee at a very low price, in addition to all the coupons we had. My fiancee and I are very cool and understand one another, so instead of buying clothes for him next week when the sale is not going to be as great, I decided that he will get some of his gift earlier than expected; He really appreciated because he knows the more I save the better we will be for tomorrow. I AM all about bargain and yes indeed I have found really good deal at Macy's. I really enjoy shopping at MACY'S.

It's a long holiday weekend i have no plan in the my book for anything at all. Since my Fiancee will be working I might take my cute little nephew to go see the Night at the Museum, hopefully he wont cry .

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

wedding Planning book for 1.00

This book was originally 20 bucks but i only pay 1.00 dollor for it at Jacks at 34th Street. This is the First thing i got for the wedding planning and it's only 1.00 dollor. Cheers to me!!!!!!!!!!!!
This book has all the advice you can get and lots of DIY info. There are several pages for putting the guests list, the vendors and other things :)This is what I got yesterday while looking around at a .99 cent store at 34th st called Jacks. I am so happy to get this book:)

new shade for only $5.00

only 5.00 around 34 st in NYC, now that's a price you can't beat.
Very simple and Unique. Now that's what I call bargain:)

so since it's a beautiful day outside in NYC, I decided to wear a very cute dress from Kensie with flat shoes. it's very sunny and the temperature is in the 80s today; since im really enjoying today I decided to get a pair of sunglasses. Although i would like to have them to fight the sun i just did not want to pay so much for it. So while walking down to Madison park on 23rd, I spotted a vendor along the way selling sunglasses, I chatted with him while i tried few of the shades he was selling. After looking and checking every other shades that he was selling I made up mind and kept that one; it's a brown shade that looks so different. I am not really a sunglasses type of chick but I am going to give that one a chance and see how long it will last. By the way I only pay $ 5.00 bucks for it, now if i had gone to MACYS it would have cost me an arm and a leg. Well since I am a bargain hunter it felt really good to pay only 5 bucks for it, another thing if I had gone to other vendors it would have been cheaper like 3 bucks or so.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Brighter smile with confidence:)

As you can see my teeth are getting lighter and lighter, I am so greatful to Crest Whitening Sealed by Crest. I am happy and very confident about the direction i want to take in life.

I am so thankful today that I can smile without hesitation, without blocking my face with my hands because i was afraid what people would said when they notice my teeth. For several years my teeth had changed color and would not obey any type of toothpaste that i have tried. I have tried several methods to make my teeth whiter and nothing was working. Until recently I started clipping coupons and then i noticed in the ad there was a coupon for Crest Whitening Strip, I cut the coupons and I did my research online about the product. The product review was a great excellent source of information that i could not resist.
After reading all the review and how everyone was praising this product; Usually I would not rush in the store to buy it however, with all of the great testimony given by consumers make run to the store right away. I waisted no time and I went to Rite Aid( like CVS) by my house and I got the Crest Advanced Seal for $25. from $45. with my coupons. To make things work faster I use the Tooth paste by Crest called Crest Pro-Health, this product is also unbelievable and it does not burn :). I started to see result on the third day of using the products, OMG! I could not believe it, my Really yellow teeth started to be lighter day by day. Now I buy this product on a regular basic with my coupons and when it's on sale, I use it everyday. I really enjoy the Crest Advanced Seal and i will not stop using this product.
Thanks to this product I gain my confidence back, I can smile without covering my mouth or turn so people would not see me smile. I am happier now, I talk when I feel like it, I can go to any meeting and actually talk without hesitation. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone out there.

Citi Field part 2

one of the sponsors at Citi Field in Queens NY

I just like taking picture of myself as you can see.

just enjoying myself:) I can't wait to go back.

First time at Citi Field

We really blend in, I love the bright color we brought to the stadium. That's my engagement ring there.

one of my favorite picture from the Citi Field stadium because it's near the ocean and you get to see everyone below. I had no regret from wearing that green scarf.

My fiancee and I had a blast there.

walking is the best way to loose weight

So I just came from lunch and guess what, I did not eat because i had a large breakfast and other things today. Instead of eating we walked in the park for 30 minutes or so, walking is my only exercise so i am trying to make it a habit. Altough i am not that big i still think it's necessary for me to stay in shape. I am also going to do more walking after walk, hopefully i will walk 10000 steps. Tomorrow i am going to take the basketball to the park so that i can play a little, just so that i can work out.

While we were there, this guy who works there was taking pictures of everyone, so he snapped this shot of us after we stop by the booth to by beer. Yes you can drink when you go the game:)

That's when we were ready to leave.

5/12/09 Mets stadium. Citi Field That was before the game started, since it was our first time at the new stadium we managed to get really early to see how awesome this place look. Mets stadium Citi Field in Queens. By the way I was really prepared because it was kind of cold plus the stadium is by the ocean and the airport, so I had my winter scarf, extra layers and hat around. these accessories really came handy during the ball game. I really had an awesome time there with my fiancee:)

Good day!

it's friday and im happy so happy and excited cuz i will be taking a long walk coming home today. I just got my pedometer so i will be walking all weekend long. This is the only i can exercise so i will continue to do with lots of excitement. I have several pictures that WE took when we went to Mets vs. Atlanta on 5/12/09.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

so excited about all these blogs

I have been surfing the web since i came home from work today. I am so excited to read about all the brides and ways they are saving money on their weddings. I can't wait when it's my turn to start planning just like these bride to be are. I got engaged :) last Christmas however, we have not set a date yet, once we move in our new place that's when we will start planning. With that being said I am still searching for ideas from different sites to see how to arrange from flowers to the center piece. Although i don't know when the date will be, what i do know is that we will be on a small budget and we will need all the help and advice we can get. I already feel very confident about different ways i would like for my wedding to be.

If you would like to leave a comment don't be scared to leave one, it would be greatly appreciated. I am opened to criticism:)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I am still here

Happy Wednesday,

I know it's been awhile since i last wrote on the blog. Lately I have been very busy with work and home so i have not gotten a chance to check out the blog and post anything. Well things have been good around my way, I have spent lots of time with my new born nephew, he is getting bigger and Jonathan is right there to give his baby brother a kiss every minute of the day. I went to my other nephew 2nd birthday party and my neices confirmation, on the invitation card the time was 6PM so I took a cab which i ended up paying $25.00 for. I arrived at 7 PM only to find out that the party would not start until 9:30. Since the party started late, few people had left with their childre before they even sing " Happy Birthday", I on the other hand did not leave the party until it was over which was at 2 AM.

My fiancee and I are enjoying the spring, we've gone to the baseball game to watch the NY Mets played, it was very interesting because it was our first time at the new stadium. We took lots of pictures and our sits were not that far up. The stadium is very beautiful, lots of space to hang out before the game starts. Sitting in the stadium while the game is playing is different compare to when you're at home watching the game on TV, I was looking everywhere, at everything and listening to obnoxious fans screaming and yelling; it's really a different atmosphere I can't wait to go back again. In next 2 weeks it will be his birthday and i have to get ready to prepare something for him. I have no idea what to get him as a present, hopefully it will come to mind when the day gets closer.

In the next few months we are going to starting shopping for apartment, i am mostly looking on the outer skirt of the Bronx. I have checked and hopefully I will go to meet with a realtor to discuss the possibility of renting an apartment. I somehow slow down with the shopping for the apartment but if we have to move now I have lots of stuff ready to go. Remember I am always open to comments and critics.

Friday, May 1, 2009

I have another nephew-big boy:)

Happy Friday,

This is week has been a good week so far. I went to a quarterly full staff meeting and while i was there , I visited the headquarter of Cablevision in Long Island. The full staff meeting was very informative, I learned about the station's programming and the network support. It was cool to be out of the office for a whole day, plus the weather was very pleasant. It was cool to see how the process of how live events unfold in television.

Aside from the meeting; my sister-in-law gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Monday night, i could not have been happier. After what happened last year when one of the twins died, while the baby never made it home. It was a heart break for my whole family, loosing a child is unbearable. To make a long story short, in 2007 while pregnant she had complication and gave birth to twins very early in the pregnancy. She had a boy and a girl, the boy weighed 3 pounds while the girl weighed actually nothing. She was the smallest baby i have never seen, but after a long battle she was taken from us at 9 months.

Thank GOD we have the boy to keep us going, now my nephew is almost two and he is the happiest child ever. I am happy for my sister in law because now she has a healthy boy who is already responding to sound. My older nephew somehow does not really understand that he has a little brother in the house, so he continues to do what he does best; which is running everywhere and making noise thinking his little brother is able to play with him. Now I have to go buy gift and hopefully i will get to babysit both :). I LIKE GOOD STORY AND HER STORY REALLY MOVES ME. IT'S ALWAYS GOOD TO NEVER LOOSE HOPE.
I can't wait for when it's my turn to have a child, I just hoping the day comes soon. I know Michael will be a very good dad:)