Friday, February 15, 2013

18 month old!!!

What!!! Yes I have an 18 month old who is by far obsessed with sports. At 18 months he can make a basket from a very far, he was so involved in the superbow. He is always calling out ' touchdown' during the game. As he gets older we will support him on any sports he wants to play. On January 12th our little boy turned 18 months I just can't believe how fast he is growing. In less than 6 months he will turn two. We still have goose bumps when we hear you calling out mommy and daddy, it feels like it was yesterday when we brought you home from the hospital. He is one smart 18 months and we thank God everyday for his blessing. He is speaking a lot more now, he is becoming a little man with characters. He is getting a lot taller now to the point where is already wearing size 3T in jeans.
He is doing well at the daycare, he has gotten along with all his little playmates. He understands Spanish a lot more now and sometimes he would call out some Spanish words.
Our dear son we love you so much and may The Lord continues to keep you safe and always be your guardian.

Blue Ivy the first daughter

I'm finally happy to see the first daughter of hip hop. These pictures are not the blurry pictures that had surfaced online. Blue Ivy is very adorable and I think she's ready for her head shot. I knew that one way or another Beyonce will show her baby to the world on her own terms. I can't wait to watch her documentary special on HBO and her interview with Oprah tomorrow night on OWN network. I'm so proud of Beyonce and how she protects the privacy of her family. Although I wish I could have bought tickets to the concert for the summer. The tickets were sold out in less than 5 minutes. Next time hopefully.