Monday, February 28, 2011

19 Weeks Pregnant!!!

I am into week 19 and 4 days which means I have another 20 weeks and 3 days to go... I remember when I was only 7 weeks and now I am very close to week 20. it's such a blessing. I am really started to feel pregnant, seriously I really do.

Since reaching week 19 the headache has come back and lasted about 2 days give and take. My appetite has gone to the roof and so lucky thus far not to have any crazy cravings.. The belly is getting bigger and I'm always short of breath when walking. I can't cross my legs when sitting down and now  I sleep with a pillow under my feet because I have pain in the abdomen and and the backaches have grown more and more. The frequent urination isn't slowing down.  Dizziness has knocked on my door and this morning on my way to work I first experienced it on the train. I was hot and started to sweat, it was very scary I just could not wait to get off the train. I can't be in any place that's too hot these days.

This weeks the kicks have a gotten stronger compare to before, now i can actually feel it when i put my palm on my belly- WHOOO OOOOH.. I am such a happy camper to know that the baby is actively moving around and doing great in the mommy's belly. This Friday is my prenatal Appointment and i am so excited!!!!

19 weeks pregnant

Here are some fun facts about the baby
By pregnancy week 19, the baby is starting to produce meconium, a substance that will become the baby's first bowel movement. After your baby is born, he will start passing meconium in the first few days of life. Meaning the baby is working on the very first poop..
 If you are having a girl, her ovaries now contain primitive egg cells. Lanugo (a covering of fine soft hair) appears all over the baby's body. This fine hair will remain until birth draws nearer. Sometimes you can still see some on the baby's face and ears after birth. Also apparent is vernix, a milky white covering that protects your baby's skin from its aquatic environment.  The placenta continues to grow and offer nourishment for your baby while the permanent teeth buds are forming behind the already formed milk teeth buds. Growth becomes rapid now and your baby begins to store iron for the production of red blood cells. Your baby can even dream (REM sleep)!


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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Week 18!!!!

This week I have reached the 18th week into the pregnancy and I am so blessed for each passing week. The baby is doing so much this week and I can see the result in my growing belly.
Since the last post I have been very lazy to do another the post, lately I feel very tired doing absolutely nothing. Although I had a long weekend, I barely did anything.

AT 18 WEEKS!!!

  • My belly has gotten bigger and now my coat is getting tighter. Please spring I a waiting for you.
  • I got some Maternity tops from Gap over the weekend since nothing seems to fit
  • Back pain has gotten stronger every now and then.
  • No cravings
  • People have noticed that I am excepting, it's not my little secret any more.
  • I plan on telling the good news to  my other siblings on my father side sometimes this month.
  • it has gotten a lot more difficult for me to sleep on my right side.

Enjoy it!!!!!!!!
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Friday, February 18, 2011

Jessica Alba eating for 2

Happy Friday! Here's something excited this holiday weekend. Jessica Alba is pregnant and I am so happy for her and her hubby Cash. So instead of having the media spread the good news about her expecting, she is so smart, she announced herself on her facebook page. It goes something like this......
 I thought I'd drop by to let you all in on some exciting news – Honor is going to be a Big Sister! Cash and I are thrilled and wanted to share the news directly with you so you didn't hear about it somewhere else.
I appreciated all of the love and support you all gave me during my first pregnancy and will definitely appreciate it again this time around. Have a great day! 

Peace out everyone!!!
Have great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's day!

This morning after I got out of the shower I was surprised with roses on the dresser in the bedroom. Mike really took me by surprise, I had no clue where he had the roses hidden in house. This Valentines day is a lot more special because we are celebrating with the little angle kicking and back and forth in my belly and that's the best gift ever. Every year we do something something special but this year we are keeping everything on a budget due to the arrival of our little angel in July. Having said I still went to Macys and got him something special on my lunch break. Mike is a wonderful husband and I am so glad to have in my life.
 To my precious little angel who is growing inside of me. You are the love of my life and I am so excited to be your valentine. Next year at this time we will have wonderful time as a family, Mommy and Daddy can't wait to shower with lots of love and kisses.

Have a great Love day!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

17 weeks!!!!!!!!!!

So excited!
I'm so excited to reach 17 weeks. Every week is a blessing for us and I am thankful for week 17. I am feeling great, the baby is in good health. Here's what I have been up to since the new week started:
  • I can feel the baby kick although it's not a strong kick. It feels good to know the baby is having fun in there. I feel the kick while on the train, at work and while watching TV it's an amazing feeling and I would not trade it for anything else. We love you so much such.
  • Frequent urination continues
  • Baby bump is getting bigger and my tops are getting smaller, time to hit the start for some tops and pants... I am excited for spring because I get to wear dresses with no heavy coat..... I just can't wait!
  • Next doctor appointment in March
  • I eat more and more everyday.... Thank God I am not craving junk fund
  • I tend to be cranky at night, I can't find a good position on the bed. I should get the body pillow.
  • I made the announcement at work last week. So everyone can stop with their confusing look. Everyone in department is excited and willing to help me with work
  • Macys my favorite store had a big sale the other day and I just could not wait, so I got some baby stuff a great price... Everyone kept telling to wait a little longer until i start shopping, it's bad luck. you know what! I am a strong believer in God and I know with His will and power everything will be okay for us. I am staying positive and continue to pray
they look so adorable
    All these are 3 pieces  and I am so lucky to get them at a great price. He is going to look to so handsome like his father

      I hope you have a great work week!

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      Friday, February 4, 2011

      The BIG 30

      At 16 weeks At the doctor's office
      Today I turn 30 and I could not have been any happier...29 came and gone but I have had a lot of great memories, beginning with find out that I can actually have a baby without the help of fertility. Well after having the surgery back in 08 where part of the the ovary was removed because of the a cyst that was rupture. It was cleared to me by the doctors that it would be very difficult to conceive. It was a hard decision to face and i did not know how I was going to cope with the thought of not being able to bear a child. it was really tough on us, when everyone else was having baby left to right. For the past 3 years Mike and I have been trying to have a baby and every month it was a disappointed month, but WE never stop believe, never loss faith because I know with power of the Lord Savior that one day my turn will come. Well this past thanksgiving we found out we were pregnant, the greatest gift ever. I was on top of the world because my OBGYN USED TO TELL ME THAT FERTILITY IS THE BEST WAY TO GO....I know he was right but I was not ready for that yet, too young to be thinking about not be able to conceive... THE BEST FEELING IS WHEN BOTH TESTS CAME OUT WITH THE PLUS SIGN, WHAT A RELIEF!!!!
      Today on my birthday marks week 16 and everything is going great, the baby is doing great and my next appointment is next month. Super excited! by then I will feel the baby kicks, and know for sure the sex of the baby. So many milestones to reach.  I just love it.... Thank you Lord for this day and for everything... We are so thankful !!!!!!

      PS. We are going to have dinner at Hard Rock Cafe....

      To be continued.......
      Have a great weekend!!!!
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