Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend update!

I hope you had a greet weekend with your family.  We had wonderful weekend. We started out playing tennis and then a little bit of excersise. In the afternoon we took a stroll in the park where we met with ayden's best friend Marvin. The last time they saw each other was at the end of July. It was a such a great moment for them as they started calling out each other's names. They played in the park and enjoyed each other's company. 
Later that evening we visited my mother and stopped at children's place to buy him pjs since we are into fall and it's getting chilli at night.
On Sunday my sister came by the house with her niece Cydney to spend some times with us. I really thought Ayden would feel some kind of way about Cydney being that she's a baby  we have to pay close attention to her. Ayden was very friendly with his cousin, playing and laughing. I'm just so happy to see how well he behaves around infant. It's really good to spend quality time with your family. Although we did not do anything over the top but we enjoyed the quiet moment we had with each. We are so bless for our family. I hope you have a wonderful week. 


Friday, September 20, 2013

Meet my new phone..

Today was the big day for anyone to get their hands on the new iPhone. This year apple introduced 2 different phones, iPhone C and iPhone5S. You have the option of getting a cheap version made out of plastic in 5 different colors or you can get the regular phone with all the availabilities. As always it was worth spend few days standing in line waiting. Well we on the other hand did not spend more than 3 hours waiting. We have an AT&T store by us and my wonderful hubby went there to get us the phone early Friday morning. It was not as chaotic like the apple stores or any phone retailers in midtown. Lucky us! 
I'm just so content with this new phone. It does everything that I was looking for and much more. The picture options are amazingly awesome. I'm making the best out of my new phone. 
If you're due for an upgrade you can trade your old phone to get that one. It will be a great choice and decision besides you won't regret it. 
I got my new iPhone5s 

NYC 34 st. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

summer recap

 I hope everyone had a great summer and now it's back to fall and the beginning of the  holidays season and shopping. We had a great summer and Ayden really enjoyed the hot weather.

For starters Ayden turned 2 back on July 12. I don't know where time goes but he is growing and becoming a smart boy. We had a barbecue for him in the park near the house. We did not have a lot of kids because it was planned last minute due to the weather. We had close family attended and a few friends and the theme was DISNEY PIXAR CARS, he is a huge fan of the cars. I am hoping for his 3rd birthday I will plan  a head of time and do something bigger for him.

Ayden is evolving into a very smart little boy. His height alone is fooling people, everyone thinks he is 3 years old. I have to keep telling them that he is only 2. He is wearing size 3T and 4T. he is still in diapers and I have not really taking the potting training thing serious with him. I really hope to start doing it soon. He is speaking a lot more and can point and spots the letters.  We are so bless to have a son who is so loving and loves to share his feelings with us.

we change his pediatrician because I needed more from her and we were not getting it. he has an appetite now and eats absolutely everything. he is not yet over 30lbs but he is getting there. I am just happy to see our son grow into a big boy.

He goes to a new daycare before the summer started because the previous daycare was overcrowded and the caring was not what I expected. At the new school he is learning a lot and being independent, and doing activities on his own. He gets more one on one attention.

For the summer, we have done a lot even though we did not take a family vacation. We have gone to several sporting events, like baseball, football, kids activities in the parks.

i have a few pictures below that capture his fun time in the summer.

 big boy enjoying his birthday party.
he was posing for us on the tree

my little boy.

In summer time on his way to school.

always jumping. the day he turned 2.

at the YANKEE game. He had a blast

his best friend Marvin. they always together in the park

he still sucks on this thumb.