Sunday, August 30, 2009

Britney Spears concert RECAP............

I had a wonderful time at the concert on Wednesday 8/26 with my friends... We got there early enough to take take pictures before we go in the arenas to look for our seats...
one thing i was very concerned about was my outfit because since it's my first concert I thought I needed to be very sophisticated and elegant, I was completely wrong because everyone dressed casually and of course since the show is called the "CIRCUS" people actually lived up to that. In addition to all the gays, there were lots drag queens having fun. Our seats where not too far from the stage I did not need a binocular to see Britney on stage. The concert started on time with several acts from the real circus show, in addition to Jordin Sparks, and two other groups who performed.
When Britney cam out the people in the arena went wild literally, I should have walked with ear piece for all the screaming fans. People could not stop screaming. Although my leg was in pain i managed to dance whenever i could with one foot on the seats. When she performed " Hit Me baby one Time" I went crazy and hearing that makes me really think about how long ago that was and where I was. Wow, I was in High school when that song came out and i was a huge fan. All the songs she performed were very good because the fans were interacting with her, Calling out for her when the show ended. It was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

The concert overall was great with minor set back, somehow Britney Spears was lip singing. Other than that the show went on and I don't think the fans really notice that. The dancers were excellent from the beginning to the end, furthermore Britney Spears wardrobe was on point throughout the show.

I really had a blast and since i only paid 10 bucks there's no regret at all... I had fun and Yes I would do it again.........

Simply Me:)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Remembering Senator Edward Kennedy

{{w|Ted Kennedy}}, Senator from Massachusetts.Image via Wikipedia

February 22, 1932 - August 25, 2009

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Oh My God, I just can't believe what I just heard this morning when I woke up and turned on the TV. The death of the senator of Massachusetts Edward Kennedy, I really thought he was making progress with the illness. Another sad day for the Kennedy and America. He was one of my favorite senator. My deepest sorrow goes out to his family and friends. You will be missed Senator Edward Kennedy:)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Britney Spears concert tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am super excited to finally going to see a concert, and it's Britney Spears concert in one the most famous arena around the world= Madison Square Garden. I am over the top right now although i am sick with one leg swollen i am going, I am not going to pass on the ticket to no one. When luck is near it is near, I bought my tickets for only $10.00 when everyone else bought theirs for more than 80.00 bucks. Working for Cablevision- Rainbow Media- we get lots of special discount on tickets whenever they go on sales, either baseball, basketball and almost anything that goes on sales. So it's going to be Melissa, Nicola and I who are going to the concert and it's going to be ladies affair tonight. although my leg is still in pain I am just going to take everything one step at a time, I also will try not to stand too much on the leg and drink plenty of water so that i don't feel dehydrated. It's going to be 90 degree so of course on the outfit list I would have shorts and jumpers. I can't wear heals so flats are my only options, I will take pictures. I am so happy to be going to my first concert ever and i hope it will be a fun and exciting day to remember.

I am still Sick :(

I know it's been a while since my last post when i was talking about me being sick. Well i am still sick. On Friday i went to the ER and stayed there until 3 AM Saturday morning, After spending 4 hours in the waiting area. While i waited for a doctor the pain was just getting worse and worse because the area was so cold although Mike went and got a blanket for me that was just not enough. Around 10 Pm I was called in the back room where I was greeted by a nurse who right away gave me 2 Demerol to ease up the pain until the doctor come to check on my swollen leg.After spending another 2 hours being drowsy and disoriented; the doctor came and checked my knees and ordered blood test to make my everything is OK. Usually when the doctor orders blood test is to make sure that my blood count is not low and I am not deprived of oxygen. In any instance my blood count is low I would have to be admitted right away. after the blood test came out negative, I was prescribed Oxicodone to take from home. So I spent the weekend in bed and I couldn't move my right leg at all. I was skipping to go to the bathroom and I could only lay flat on the bed. The OXICODONE is really a powerful drug and i was told not to exceed the limit of 2 per day and because of the side effect my body is very relaxed and i am very drowsy most of the day. I am being very careful when I am going to the train station and when i am at work. Right now I wished I had a cane to help me around the office because there are times when I can't spend more than 2 minutes standing on the leg, and because I walk like i am dragging one leg I am getting lots of question from people in the office.

I am very ill and yet i have not taken a day off, the office is so cold and my knee hurts more because of the cold. I have a fever from the time I come in to work to the time i leave the office. Right now i am wearing my socks and a blanket wrapped around my knee and another sweater to keep me warm besides the HEAT blowing hot air. Instead of going back to the ER I am going to make an appointment to see my doctor by this week so that he can help me further since my leg is swollen and I am not getting enough sleep in the night time.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really was looking forward for a great Wednesday although this morning when i left the house to go to work I started feeling pain in my knees. I am not the type who would want to call out sick even when the pain is unbearable. I got to work and still my body was not as energetic as I expected it to be. The office is super cold so like I always do I turned on the heater under the table to help my body stays warm. I am not sure if the heat was too much for my knees because the pain has escalated and both knees are now in so much pain. I turned off the heat and I wrapped my knees with my blanket. I am not walking straight because as I stared walking the pain gets worse. I just took the Ibuprofen so hopefully that will help ease the pain until I leave work. The worse part of my day is when I start having pain and going to the emergency room just to get a medication that is strong enough to help me cope with the pain. The train ride was not that bad as I thought it would be; I got a seat from the time the train reached the station, it was a little cold however I managed to make home safely.

For my situation since I have sickle cell anemia anytime I go the hospital due the muscle pain I usually get the very high dose of morphine, Demerol etc. to treat the pain. Having said that I really don't see myself being addicted to pain killer, usually I would not take the medication unless my body can't take anymore. I rubbed my knees with Bengay- which is a pain relief cream so hopefully that would help until I take the next set of medication. Right now I have my body on a watch mode, meaning i have to drink plenty of fluid, be stress free and get plenty of rest also eat lots of greens for Iron. In addition to eating and drinking well, I would have to start wearing long pants to cover my legs from the cold in the office. Right now i am staying put but if the pain gets worse where I can't walk at all, I would go the emergency room right away. I am hoping by tonight though the pain will be less severe.

Simply Me,

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Sunday!!!!!!!!!

It's so hot in NYC right now and the 90 degree weather supposed to last until Wednesday. I don't even know how i am going to survive the heat, I am so glad that I got my hair done yesterday. I was thinking of going to the park to play tennis but since there's a heat wave going in NYC, I rather not go because I don't want to get dehydrated. I would like to have curls in my hair for Monday but the way the weather is going that's out of the picture. I got a pedicure and again the lady gave me an extra cut. Although i got a cut my toes came out looking very shiny with bright color of the nail polish. I was supposed to go visit my nephew but he was sleeping so i have to go another day.