Thursday, June 28, 2012


It was a week ago at 5:45 am in the morning before sunrise when the car service came to pick us up. I was looking frantically around the house to make sure that I had packed everything and I would not leave anything behind. You might be wondering where could I be headed this early in the morning with a baby. Well for starters, it was an agreement that we knew before our son was born that he would get circumcised. Unfortunately because he was born with a low platelets it would very risky to do the surgery; since it means he would have to get a cut and loosing more blood. After several transfusions and multiple visits to the Hemathology his platelets finally become regular. It took another few months before we got clearance from the doctors to proceed with the surgery.

Finally after a long wait June 27 was the big day for our son. A day that I wanted to come and be gone because i know it would bee too painful for us and mostly for him. The procedure was done very quickly and he was put under anesthesia( thank God for that) I seriously don't see our son being wide a wake for that. Being at waiting room was the longest 30 minutes ever for me. I had so much in my head as I'm sitting there patiently awaiting for the arrival of the doctor. After the surgery the doctor called me in his office to ensure me that everything went well.
Now the wound is healing and he is doing well. I use ointment to help it heal faster.
My little man is a fighter.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

11 months

So today baby boy turns 11 months and I can't believe he is a month away from turning one. He is super active these days, and he is very talkative too, he is always calling daddy. He continues to sleep through the night, he is eating well that includes table food. He is very petite and getting so tall, he is wearing size 3 in diaper and size 4 if the brand runs small. He has 4 teeth and more are piercing in the back. He is able to point to what he wants and continues to shake his head to say no. I don't know how it happens but he has a little bit attitude, he bangs his head when it does not go his way. He also screams out loudly when you tell him he can't do something. I really try to be calm with him and trying to explain why he can't get his way.
We are so happy for our little boy and all his accomplishment and God will always be there for you. On side notes: Ayden finally met his great grandmother and grandma, it was a great meeting as you can see in the pictures.