Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

As you know Saturday is Halloween and the best place to be is THE VILLAGE in NYC. That's where the grand parade takes place every year and this year I am sure it's going to be over the top. The most popular customes for this year, Michael Jackson and the popular song Thriller always have people dancing. Bernie Madoff with the uniform from jail, the president of the UNITED STATES AND THE FIRST LADY, Jon and Kate Gosselin, Taylor Swift and Kanye West, Edward and Bella from the movie New Moon; Stars Wars never dissappoint, Heath Ledger-inspired Joker costumes, as well as the Dark Knight. Other popular dead celebrity costumes include Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon and infomercial pitchman Billy Mays. It will be very insteresting to see who wears it best and i know there will be lots of suprises.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Lets Go YANKEES!!!! They're back!

Yes,  that's right my Yankees are going to the world Series.... After nearly 9 years out of the post season,  it feels so good to see all the men in pinstripe celebrating the beginning of a quest to win their 27th championship title. I believe this year is the year for the NEW YORK YANKEES to be the world Champion. This is our year and it does not matter what other people have to say about them.... We have a good Pitching team to name a few CC Sabathia, Andy Petitte, including our best closer in the league Mariano Rivera and don't forget about our sluggers Alex Rodriguez who is Mr. October, Derek Jeter the captain of the YANKEES, Robinson Canoe, Mark Teixeira and the list goes on and on...  This is what it's about in NEW YORK CITY, baseball in October, you just can't ask for more. Throughout of the 09 season the yankees have worked their butts off to secure home field advantage throughout the playoffs and including the finals.  Having to be the best team with the best winning record in the league is really something special. Now, they have 4 or 6 more games to play to keep the celebration going. . I am proud of my Yankees and I can't wait for Wednesday for game 1 of the world Series to begin in the BRONX.... I can tell you right now, the 4, D and the B are going to be very crowded with fans all over New York...... So if you're going to the game make sure you leave extra early...
Celebration in NY Style.... The captain Derek Jeter is having fun this year...

That's how the Bronx Bombers do it.

Celebrate good times... Yankees are going to the World Series.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

5 Days only at EXPRESS

This was just sent to my email so please take advanta of this great offer, and don't hesitate to use it... It's until Sunday 10/25...

Happy Shopping!

Monday, October 19, 2009

The new Serena Williams!

Wow! Serena Williams has proved to everyone that yeah she has a great body and will show it to the world. I am so sure this picture will be a hot topic on everyone's list this week; mainly because she is supposed to be a role model for the kids and you all know how these parents are going to react. I think she looks stunning  however it does not look good when the children see this. After being underfire for her foul mouth at the US Open, I am not sure if this will help or distroy her. Anyhow, I view it as an art instead of naked body in a cover of a magazine. She looks absolutely amazing for athele and kudos to her.


DSW Sale

Happy Monday Everyone,
As you know DSW is always having a sale, in addition to all the great saving on all the fall/winter boots; they have added a great offer you can't resist. If you have any plan on doing a little shopping this week try to take advantage of this great offer. 
Happy shopping!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sherri Show back stage

I was not looking forward to do anything after work on Friday, but I decided to go check out Macys since it's been a while since I have been there. While looking around at Macys my good friend from College Melissa called me from Manhattan Mall so that we could do something talking and window shopping. I left Macys and went over to meet her, that's when I saw a lady from the production crew with a sign that said "Sherri"; so I stopped and asked what this is about? The answer I got made me jump and I started screaming, So I called Melissa back and told her there's 2 seats left and we will be in the audience while the show is being taped. That's the greatest thing about NYC, opportunity always presents itself. How lucky was I to find out I will be on the set of the production of the Sherri show, she is one of the co-host of the View in addition to be a comedian.

I have been to  many talk shows before but being on set of comedy show was the my first time. I was amazed by how many takes they had to do, how many times the actors forgot their lines and you could hear the director screaming " cut, cut" " roll back and action" "start from the beginning  with more energy". The casts were very calm and really you could tell they are here as a big happy family. Everyone respect each other and really helping each other out when one missed their lines. very often you hear people are having a dispute or a fight among them however, these casts have a great chemistry and that's very crucial when you are spending more than 4 hours per day with a bunch of people.
Production has always be on my mind since I have a degree in Television and Radio Production. All the production crew on the set were fantastic, from the camera guys to the make up artists. The audience was unbelievable in addition, there was a comedian to keep us laugh between takes and breaks. I was there for about 4 hrs and I really did not mind at all. I had a great laugh just being in the audience and I really like the outcome of the show. I am so looking forward for the next taping.

That's me in the lobby of the studio.

ok That's after the show, Sherri was greeting everyone as they leave the studio.

That's Melissa and I on the set of the Sherri Show.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Spices are here to stay!

I purchased the Sunday news paper to collect coupons and that's when I stumbled upon this magazine called " Spryliving". I was very impressed with what the magazine has to offer. It's a magazine about how to keep yourself fit and ways to keep yourself disease free. If you're looking for a happy living and healthy living this is the magazine to read and the site ( look at. There are plenty of awesome inspiring stories from different people who struggled to make it and survivors who never loose up hope. What caught my attention when reading this magazine was how spices in our kitchen are a major life saver in our everyday activity. Here's what I discovered from the Spryliving magazine.

   1. Cayenne
      Capsaicin, the active chemical in cayenne pepper, has long been known to help reduce ulcer symptoms, and may have a related ability to lower your risk of stomach cancer.
   2. Nutmeg
      In a 2007 study, extracts of nutmeg were able to help cause a type of leukemia cells to self-destruct.
   3. Rosemary
      Rosemary's anti-inflammatory properties are proving to be promising against colon cancer.
   4. Turmeric
      This key ingredient in curries has been shown to inhibit the development of cancers of the breast, cervix and uterus. Also, a new study suggests turmeric could help keep colorectal cancer cells from spreading.
   5. Cloves
      Cloves contain substances that, when eaten, displayed protection against a type of skin tumor in recent studies. 
   6. Cinnamon
      Compounds in cinnamon called polyphenols may help prevent cell damage that increases cancer risk. Plus, cinnamon has shown an ability to stop the growth of melanoma cells.

I was amazed when I found out that these spices are very important to our health.

Stay healthy.......

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Columbus Day sale!!!!!!

Huge sale going on throughout all the retails environment. Stores like Macys, Lord and Taylor are having a really good sale on boots for the fall. This is the time to buy the boots that are in style now. At or in the store you could get 30% off if you buy 3 pairs of shoes, boots or mixture of both, 2 pair you could get 25% off and 15% if you buy one pair. I had an awesome time shopping online at the other day; I got such a great deal I figure I would spread the love all the readers. If shopping online at you could also get  an additional 20% if using your macys credit card. To get the 20% off just look for the coupon online and apply the code at the end of the purchase. Lord and Taylor has the same sale except that when you buy 1 pair of boots you could get 25% off and 2 or more it's 30% off.

When buy these boots it's important to shop around the web first before making the final decision. It's more likely you will either get free shipping or the price will be cheaper with additional coupons. These fancy boots are the boots to die for especially if you like flat riding boots. They are very elegant with whatever you choose to style them with and they have a swagger like no other boots.

This is BORN and they are supper comfortable and durable. If you live in NEW YORK CITY and commuting is a part of your work ritual then this the boots for you. This boots also comes in suede if you're a fan of suede.

 These cool ridding  studded boots and they are from Frye- Paige Studded are totally on trends and easily take your breath away, they are durable although it's a bit pricey, your money will be worth it.


 This is from Bandolino and they are a classic riding boots without having the horse to ride on. Easy to wear and the heels are very acceptable. Great boots if you're going to on your feet all day.

This is from Michael Kors and they are gorgeous with the studs on the sides.

This  Almond-shaped toe is from Miz Mooze and they are adorable, I love them from the first time I laid my eyes on them. Very confortable easy to pull off, one additional bonus is that it comes with extra heels (if the heels are worn out you can easily replace them)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Flu shot!!!!!!!!

Happy Friday!!!!!!!! Today I took  the "seasonal"  flu shot during lunch hour. Yep, the flu shot is been provided by the company for free. I normally contacted my doctor for the flu shot however, I decided to get it from the company because it's hassel free and no waiting at the doctor's office. I got the shot done and the only minor problem is that the muscle in the harm is a bit sore and  stiff from the spot where the nurse injected the needle, otherwise I feel great . Now I am going to wait and see how the shot will react to  my body over the weekend.

 In addition of taking the Seasonal flu shot it's also crucial that everyone follow through with different method of keep themselves from catching a flu. A reminder that some viruses and bacteria can live 2 hours and longer on surfaces like desks, door knobs and cafeteria tables.
  • Wash your hands thouroughly with soap and warm water for about 15-20 seconds and while doing that you can either sing the ABC or the Happy Birthday song- very important to prevent germs from spreading
  • cover your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing- use tissue paper and throw it away and clean your hands after
  • Gel sanitizers and hands wipes are very helpful in preventing germs
  • Remind your children to practice healthy habits too, because germs spread, especially at school

 I feel very paranoid now ever since the The Swine Flu has become an epidemic around the world. Now my next step is to take the H1N1 Shot, that I have to go to the doctor to get. Since I have a sickle cell it's important because I may be at  greater risk of cathing the virus......... If you have not done so please do.... it will be for your own benefit....

Happy Friday!!!!!


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Model Search By Victoria Secret

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Model Search. Learn more at

Here are the requirements: Must be a U.S female resident, 18-30 years old. 5'8" or Taller in bear feet and be available to be in NYC from Oct.29- Dec 3, to continue compete in the search...... The entry DEAD LINE IS 10/24     If you or any models would like to participate just click on the link...... Best of luck.....

Have fun.........

NFL Players Support Pink...

As most of you know by now that OCTOBER is National Breast Cancer Awareness   month and what a great to show support across the country. Well on Sunday 10/4 throughout the league everyone in the NFL somehow had on pink; either  by wearing a pair of gloves, sweatbands, sneakers, hats, pink towels etc. What's so great about this is that everyone was cooperative and extremely excited to show their support because someway, somehow they all have been affected by this disease.  We all know that most men don't like to wear pink but on sunday everyone put their differences aside and show their support to those are battling this disease. I salute all the players who rocked on PINK...


It's an important cause to all of us and that proves it with a player saying a prayer at the post during the game.

it's Pink everywhere.

Even Tom Brady is rocking PINK...

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I visited Chinatown on Saturday because I really wanted to get these cool slouchy crochet hats for the cold weather.  Well, I was amazed by what I saw, there were so many tourists and lots of streets vendors selling almost anything you could imagine. That's the advantage we have here in NYC, if you want to buy fresh seafood for a lot less than what the local super market would have it for Chinatown is the place to go. While I was there I sort of became a tourist and I started  sight seeing. It was an amazing feeling because all the sings in the stores were in Chinese that's including McDonald's menu; the buildings were beautiful to look at. I was in awe....

Amazing! I mean look at this building.

 I really love this house.

The Amazing adventure of "Da Crochet hat" search......

Here are the pictures of the hats that I bought from China town on Saturday... I had fun there and I even bought scarves. Remember when I said I would get the crochet hats for a lot cheaper in China town, well I did.  After spending hours at each vendors table debating  for the right price, I finally found two vendors who compromised with me on the price at $5.00 per hats. I got 4 hats for the price of one.  Now That's a bargain because at MACYS it would have been 34 bucks for just one hat... I was overjoyed!  I really like a good bargain. In this economy you have to be a very good bugget savvy..

I really like this lavender hat...

  Very nice!

  I like this grey hat...

Happy reading.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hat, Hat, Hat

Happy Saturday

I am so excited because I have plan to go to Chinatown and Soho today before it starts to rain later on... Well I am on a quest to find the best slouchy crochet hats since it's really starting to get chilly in NEW YORK CITY and because I get up early to go work so I certainly have to protect my head from the cold air. Whenever it gets windy I tend to have a headache that last the whole day. I am not a big fan of hats however, I am willing to give these cool hats a try. These crochet hats are very loose, slouchy to give it the shape when it falls down on your head and  most of all it's very fashionable; they come in all colors and I am planning on getting a few. However, they could be very expensive if you go to stores like MACYS, EXPRESS and GAP to get it. I know that Chinatown have the same exact hats for less, it will be better for me because instead of buying one for $30.00 I could get 6 hats for the same price... That's why I like ChinaTown...Here I come Chinatown.....

I really like this hat and the color is fabulous...

Check out the black hat.. I like...

This one is a lot thicker for when it gets really cold. Very fancy...

Happy Reading

Friday, October 2, 2009

Victoria Secret Special Through Saturday 10/3

I thought this will be helpful if you're going to the mall today and Saturday 10/3.

Save up to $25 In Stores through Saturday.
Valid through October 3, 2009 at a Victoria's Secret Store excluding Outlets. Gift cards and taxes do not apply to the purchase requirement. Not valid on previously purchased merchandise, catalogue or online purchases. Cannot be used with any other coupon, discount or special offer, but can be combined with Angel Rewards. May not be redeemed for cash. Offer's value will not be refunded on a merchandise return. No cash value or rain checks issued. Associates of Victoria's Secret and its affiliates are not eligible.