Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Our son

Our little two year old son really enjoys  taking pictures. He is getting so good at it. Theses pictures were taking last week.  We are amazed by his curiosity every single day. 
Since it's football season he is all into watching the games, and screaming out touchdown every time they score. He is such a sport fanatic. 

Weekend recap

So it's Tuesday night and I'm here dropping a few lines about the highlights of our week. For starters Halloween was great. Ayden was Iron Man and went out trick or treating with his daycare. We had a friend visit from the UK and spent some lovely time with her and her two year old daughter. The kids had such a great time. We went to Chuck E Cheese, to the park and went to the Halloween festival in the neighborhood. The weather was great. Overall it was really fun week. 

Weekend update!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We had a lovely adventurous weekend. I took my son to meet one of the character from the Sunny Side Up show on the Sprout Chanel. Besides Thomas the Train Ayden is a big fan of Chica, it's no surprise when I saw the invitation on Facebook I knew I have to go. The event was being held at the Daily Candy Bazaar store in NYC Soho. 
Saturday I got up early and got us ready and set off to go on that fun adventure. We took the train to lower Manhattan and he was as excited as I was since it was his first real celebrity encounter.  We arrived a little late because I have no sense of direction and of course  I was lost for more half hour. 5 minutes later I located the place and was ready finally meet Chica. 
Ayden had a great time and was in tears because we had to let Chica go. Overall it was a great event and I look forward to go on more of these events.