Sunday, December 11, 2011

On the hunt for a good stroller.....

 Our stroller that I got from Khols only last a few month, it's a First Year brand that ironically barely makes it to 3 months. Please don't make the same mistake i made stay away from the First Year strollers. When i am on the street the stroller has a mind of its own; it would stop suddenly, the breaks from the front wheels lock on their own, the strap was way to short for Ayden when he has on a coat. It was always a fight with the stroller.

2 weeks ago i started doing research for a stroller that would be durable and last for a long time.  I was going crazy to find something in decent price range. I know it was not going to be the bugaboo, I started going to Buy buy baby to check out their strollers. I have seen so many great strollers but some of them have short handles and barely have any room in the baskets. I was leaning toward the baby jogger since i am always on the go and leaving in NY requires a great strollers that would be compatible to the subway. After days of research I finally settle for Ted and Phils stroller from Zulily. I found this great site and now i am hooked, I was so lucky to find the stroller at 50% off retail price. If you check any other retailers the strollers run from 5oo to 900 bucks, very pricey!  From you will find great bargain up 90% off.  By the way some of their offer are final sale, so make sure you really want the item before making your purchase.

Check out what they are offering everyday and it's easy to sign up.

Phil & Teds Dash Buggy Stroller - Black/Charcoal.Opens in a new window
Phil and Teds Dash from Zulily. I got this one.
This stroller is good for up to when the kid turn 5 years old


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4 months update!

So our little guy turned 4 months a few weeks ago, and I am finally have the time to do a post. I have been wrapped up in work and  with the holiday upon us time has been a bit short and that's why this post so late. Ayden is doing so well at 4 months and we are so blessed to have him in our lives. He is the joy of our lives, he is so fun to be around. I thank God everyday for blessing us with Ayden. His babysitter loves him and she takes good care of him too, we are lucky to have her.

I put up a small Christmas tree for him and we have yet to take family photo or meet Santa. I really hope to do it soon, but it's just a timing issue with work. It's getting so busy since we are reaching the end of the quarter but I have to make time for my family too, after all  it's just a job.

Here is an update on the little guy since turning 4 months:
  • he is a supported sitter now, and can sit on his own briefly
  • not so solid food was introduced to him and he loves his food, he has eaten sweet potato, carrots and rice cereal. So far so good with the food. 
  • He is still on breastmilk and all his other food are mixed with the milk.
  • he giggles a lot louder now, everyday he makes a different sounds ( we just love how he babbles on and on)
  • He continues to sleep long hours like 8-9 hours through the night. We are so blessed for not waking up so much at night.
  • he is only getting breast milk
He drools non stop these days.
  •  he wears 6,9,12 months clothes in size, it also depends in the brands.
  • he is very curious, he likes to grab, and hold on tight to his toys, he has a teeter to keep him busy with his gum.
  • he is a happy baby who rarely cries (so thankful for that)
  • hearing his laugh is so joyful
  • he does not take the pacifier but he sucks on his thumb daily
  • he is big fan of being on the floor, he does his tummy time from there. He can turn from his stomach to his back, he is able to pull himself up when laying down.
  • he can create bubbles in his mouth, wetting his clothes all the time
  • he is very engaging, he responds to his name, he loves when we read to him
  • he starts to mimicking sounds that we make
  • he can put his feet in his mouth, he is able to grab his thighs and to pull his socks off now.
  • During his doctor visit everything went well: he is at 16lbs, he is on time with the shots, and his platelets are going up. Thank you Lord for that! 
  • His pediatrician is happy with his progress. He has to go to see the hematology every 3 months for regular check up.
I can't believe how big he is getting now. he was less than a month old in the pictures in the white. the other pictures are when he is 4 months old. Wow! so much has changed
Another picture mom, come on!


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fun Saturday

It's not easy taking a baby and a stroller on a busy shopping day like last Saturday in NEW YORK CITY. My sister and I took Ayden out for a fun day only to feel trap with so many tourists occupying the sidewalk in from of Macys. It was chaotic with people trying to get a glimpse at the windows while trying to get through with a stroller. With all the sidewalks being so busy Ayden did not even care, he was looking everywhere and at everything.
Our next stop will be Rockefeller Center to see the Christmas tree and meeting Santa.
He is so curious to discover new thing
he loves fast pace environment
In front of Macys in NYC
He sure knows how to pose.
Fun day out with my favorite Auntie
After Church
Love you big boy.

Holiday recap!!!!

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving and much more. In our house it was the first thanksgiving with our son and as a family. We are so thankful for our son, as you all know after years of trying to conceive God finally blessed us with a beautiful son whom we love very much.  We had a great time, mom and sister came over, we had a small dinner nothing over the top. Mike cooked the delicious turkey and other stuff to put on the table. Although it was a small affair I really enjoyed it, maybe one year it will be bigger with more people coming over but for now we like it small.
I did not do the black Friday shopping this year and besides I did not really see anything I wanted that bad to stand in the long line in the cold for hours. Friday evening I visited Baby R Us and found a bargain on the store brand diapers and wipes. I was running out diaper anyway so i got about 3 packs of diapers they were only $10 and baby wipes for only $5 with lots of coupons inside the box. I thought that was a great deal because they are usually much more expansive. By the way I got organic pants and other tops, sandals, boysuit and sneakers for only $2 at Baby R us, I just love a great deal. I am happy mama doing it Economically.

I got a small Christmas tree for Ayden from Target and I will be putting it up this weekend. I am super excited to see his reaction when the tree is lit. Now it's all about him this holiday season with gifts and clothes for him. I have to get him ready to meet Santa and taking family photo for the holiday. So much to do before it gets crazy at the stores and the mall. I am going to check out the great offer VISTAPRINT.COM is giving.
 By the way his 4 months old post is running late but i will post it soon.
I am thankful for Daddy and Mommy for loving me
Baby boy just love taking pictures, He gets really excited when he sees the phone
My serious pose ma,
We went to church on Sunday, last year when i found out I was pregnant I took the very first sonogram picture to church to pray for the great gift we had received from the Lord. Fast forward to this year, I have a healthy boy and happy family. GOD is really GREAT! This outfit was gift from co-worker and it's a 9 month old outfit. I really can't believe he is actually wearing 9, and 12 months in size. Baby boy is just getting so tall.
It was time to go to church.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy ThanksGiving!

happy thanks giving everyone. We are very blessed and thankful for our son and this is our first thanksgiving as a family. God bless everyone.


Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Friday Everyone!

Mommy and baby boy have so much to do this weekend. I can't believe we have 2 weeks until the big Thanksgiving holiday.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, October 31, 2011

First Halloween!

Today is Ayden first Halloween and we could not have been more excited. This was a day we have been looking forward to, since i was pregnant we knew we wanted to dress him and have fun with him. Well we are so bless for this day because our little boy is a Pea in Pod and I really think he loves his customs. Growing in a different country Halloween was not part of my culture as a result i never got dressed for the occasion. I am so happy to do this for him and I do hope that he will continue wanting to do it. I will try my best to do everything for him that I never got to do as a child. I love my son sooooooooooo much.

I got his custom from Buybuybaby and  it's to small for him. The box said 0-9months but there's also a checked box that said new born. At the register i was told it was not only for new born but they are wrong because it's kind a too short for him.
My fist Halloween and i am so excited.
I got his hat from old navy and it was about $1. Now that's a bargain!
 His bodysuit was purchased at Macys for less than 5 bucks

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

3 months

I remembered when I had 3 months left until birth, it was a very exciting time and could not wait to welcome my little boy into this world.  I was doing a lot of preparation for the big day. Now fast forward today the month of  October he is now 3 months and few weeks old. I can't believe how time flew by so fast, I remembered vividly when we brought Ayden home from the hospital; it was a hot summer day and all we kept thinking was how are we going to keep him cool  with the blazing hot July temperature. I had so much worries about on how to become a mom,  I did not read all the baby and motherhood manuals for tips and advice. My life was about to change forever, a little guy will call me mom and I will care for him and love him immensely. So much was going to my head but what i really learned from having him home was that I did not need books, magazines,pamphlets to care of him; it was all motherly instinct, everything was coming along as we go. No matter how hard you try to get ready for the big day to welcome your little one, it won't be the same once your little precious one is in your arms.
  • So baby Ayden is 3 months and he is so busy doing so much. For starters let me just say he is very talkative, he can go on for hours and he does not like to be ignored. 
  • He had a checkup and thank GOD everything went well, his platelets is on the right track I am keeping my fingers crossed. He responds well to the vaccines. 
  • He is about 14.5lbs and very very long, I can't spend a long period of time carrying him without taking a break, he is super solid!.
  • He is trying to sit on his own, also making several attempts of pulling himself up.
  • His laughs and giggles are very loud these days
  • The hand and eye coordination is so much better
  • He loves tummy time
  • He has different sounds for when he cries
  • He sucks on his fingers for soothing
  • He can now keep his legs up in the air
  • He is working on rolling over
  • He loves to look at himself in the mirror
  • He loves reading books
  • He drools more and more
  • He still loves taking baths
  • He is now wearing 6/9/12 months clothes in size and it looks like most of his PJs are getting too short. He is still on breast-milk with occasional formula, when he goes to babysitting he goes with breast-milk and the Enfantmil just in case.
  • On the weekend and at night it's strictly BREAST-MILK. He is a good sleeper, he can now fall asleep on his own and sleep most of the night ( AMEN). 
  • Ayden is such a good baby and we are so lucky to have him in our lives.
Ayden we love you so much and thank you for being part of our lives

Friday, October 7, 2011

It's been so long!!!!!!!!

Happy Friday everyone!! It's been so crazy busy on my side of the block this week with work and going back and forth with Ayden to my mom's house for babysitting. By the grace of God baby Ayden is doing great, he had discovered his fingers and feet. His favorite attractions right now are his feet and sucking on his fingers, he knows the direction of his mouth; how excited!. Ayden does a lot more talking, kicking and is trying to pull his body up to sit. I can't believe it but he wears 9 months clothes in size and he will be out of the 3-6months size very soon. It's unbelievable are Ayden is out growing the clothes very fast. I got him some stuff from gap the other day and i am hoping he won't grow out of them soon. the way things are going Ayden may need his own closet.  Im still nursing and he loves taking his bottle.
        this week was somewhat a little chilly so we had to dress him with extra layers and coats to keep warm, even at night since we haven't gotten heat yet in the house. Days like that made miss the summer and spring but i am sure he will adapt to the cold weather very fast.
 I hope everyone have a lovely and safe holiday weekend, it's a long weekend if you don't have to go work on Monday but since i have to work it's like any other weekend. Until then these great pictures of baby boy.

look at me now! Im ready to go

I love playing in my crib
Tummy time!!!!!!!
Look what i can do

 mommy i am going to fall

I can sit on my own


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Back at work

I survived the first week at work without having Ayden in my arms. It was big week at work because i had to get ready for the fourth quarter, and it's not easy when you have to reach out to the agencies and tracking down tapes.  It was also very difficult a week leading up to me going back to work. I tried to explain it to  Ayden that I will not be around him like i used to, mommy has to go back to work and that he will see mommy late in the evening.

Being back at work meaning I need to take time out for pumping, I am very luck to have a lactating room on my floor and that my manager is very supportive of the situation. I try to pump at least 3 times during the day. It's really not easy when i have meetings to attend or when i have to work on getting a log out on time.

Going back to work is also mean to have a place to leave Ayden. Well my original plan for babysitter  was my mother, it was something i have been talking to her about and she seriously gave me the impression that she will be the one watching Ayden while we go to work.  well the plan had been changed and we had to find a babysitter before the week was over. Lucky for us my neighbor is willing to take care of Ayden M-F. it was the toughest decision I had to make, he is only 2 months and he is already spending most his of days at a stranger's house. I am going to miss all of his milestones.

speaking of milestones Ayden just discovers his tiny fingers and the direction of his mouth. his best thing right now is to put his fingers in his mouth, he is trying to touch and grab on things. He looks so cute when he is making the attempt of reaching.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

2 months!!!

OMG!!!! I really can't believe that 2 months ago I gave birth to my son Ayden, time has flown by so fast. So fast that I am headed back to work on Monday.

 Ayden M Spencer you are 2 months old and have been doing so much lately. Your cooing is much louder, you giggle a lot and you are seriously laughing out loud. You are a well behave child, you sleep well  through the night (thank you LORD for that), you are not a cry baby. You are very responsive to all voices, your eye coordination is really good and you are very active. When you see your daddy you start to move your hands to get his attention.  You smile a lot and you  let us know when we are not talking to you. you had your 2 months doctor visit and it went well, you started taking the vaccines and we did not get you children tylenol as a result you were very cranky for the rest of the day. You cried nonstop for hours, the spot where you took the shot was a little bit swollen. Now are you doing great and with the help of GOD you have no more symptoms.

Having fun in the crib.
I am a big Yankee fan

You are wearing diaper size 1 and possibly going into #2 anytime, and you weight 12 pounds and counting. You outgrow all of the 0-3 months clothes and now you are wearing 3-6 and some 6-9moths clothes, it all depends on the brands. you still prefer the bottle over mommy's boobs, it's okay because for now you are only getting the breast milk. You are a big fan of bath time, you love the water.
hurry mom I don't have all day
you love to kick and throwing your arms in the air

Mom and daddy love you very much and we thank God everyday for this blessing.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Picture time!

My handsome little man loves taking pictures, well sometimes. I try to take as many pics as I can before I head back to work in two weeks. I'm really not looking forward to that because now I'm only going to have the weekends to spend with him. Ayden has been a very good boy lately and now he starts cooing, and responding to voices. These are some great milestones that I would not like to miss  as he is getting older but it's unfortunate.  I'm gonna miss his beautiful smile so much.

Ayden having fun on his back

"what are you doing mom?"

"after this picture no more, i just want to play mom"

Ayden getting ready to go shopping with mommy

He is so adorable, I love him so much

Monday, August 29, 2011

Congrats to B

What a great way to share your excitement, happiness to the world. I am so happy for Beyonce and Jay Z, it's about time! Yeah, it was told by ms. B herself that she will retire and  have her first child when she is 30. September 4 is her 30th birhtday and it seems that everything is falling into place for her. Well of course, she did not let her fans down as she revealed her baby bump to the world to see at MTV VMAS last night after performing. It was a great surprised and she stole the show with her creative move.
Beyonce pregnant Beyonce pregnant    for reals! (Pics!)
Congrats to Beyonce as she is showing up her baby bump
INFphoto 1801863 Beyonce pregnant    for reals! (Pics!)
In this shot which was taken earlier this month, Beyonce is clearly hiding her bump under that furry coat. Way to go

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Hello everyone, we are lucky not to be evacuating due to the hurricane.people in part of manhattan are warned to leave their highrise apartments and their is a possibility of con ed cutting power to prevent damages. heavy rain and strong wind are hitting us tonight, the tree by our house is going left to right. by the way its the little guy first hurricane...

Please continue to pray and be safe as we embrace the hurricane, tornado, storm and anything else that come our way.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Irene to hit NYC

.... Everyone is preparing as Hurricane Irene is scheduled to make landing in NYC. The evacuation process has started today and much more will happen in the morning. Mass transit will be closing by noon on Saturday, it seems like NY City will be shutting down as the hurricane gets closer. Today, it felt like it was black Friday as the lines at the super market reached out of the door, Target, BJS and everywhere else have been very busy  as the people are getting ready for the storm.  I already did some shopping, I got water, food, and other necessary items just in case we can't leave the house. I am so thankful that I don't have to evacuate and hopefully there won't be much damaged.  PLEASE STAY OUT OF THE STREET SATURDAY NIGHT

Please pray as we embrace Hurricane Irene

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sleep time

  After spending weeks struggling in finding the best way to keep Ayden sleeping  longer during the day. I finally  came to realization that sleeping on his stomach with supervision is the best way to go. Yep that's right, for the  past 2 days Ayden has been sleeping on his tummy for a long period of time and he enjoys too. Now I have more time to do things around the house.
I just want to say that Ayden only sleeps on his tummy during the day and we switch on his back at night time. For all the new mom out there it's okay to let the baby sleeps on his or her tummy while being a new born... By the way I'm taking Ayden back to the office tomorrow to visit the gang..

I love these tiny little feet

tummy time is great