Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fleet week

As we all know Fleet week has become part of New York culture and I am so proud to my support to the military family for protecting us and the country. Every year different ships paraded on the East river along the five Boroughs and we the civilians visit the ships to see the wonders. For a period of week the city held various events as the sailors and guardsman participated in those event. I went into two different navy ships: the USS OAK HILL 51 and the Coast guard Coleman. It was such a great experience and I'm glad I stood online in the hot sun for 1 hour to get in. I salute all the military personnel. 

Holiday trip to Brooklyn

We had a fabulous four day weekend. We visited the amusement park in Brooklyn, the New York Aquarium and spent sometimes walking along the beach and the board walk. It was our first time  going to the amusement park since they opened about 2 or 3 years ago. Ayden loved every minute of the adventure. The trip to the aquarium was cut short because of the hurricane that had passed last year in Brooklyn it had destroyed majority of the place. As a result most the animals were transported to other places throughout the states. Most of the exhibits are close until 2016.  We were able to go the beach, then went on the rides since it's in the same area. 
Coney Island was so crowded since it was a hot day and the unofficial start of summer so to speak. About those rides,  I am not a big fan of them at all but my son loves them, besides he has no fear. I screamed so much I lost my voice for the rest of that day but it was worth it. 
On that note:  I hope your holiday weekend was fun as well.