Monday, August 29, 2011

Congrats to B

What a great way to share your excitement, happiness to the world. I am so happy for Beyonce and Jay Z, it's about time! Yeah, it was told by ms. B herself that she will retire and  have her first child when she is 30. September 4 is her 30th birhtday and it seems that everything is falling into place for her. Well of course, she did not let her fans down as she revealed her baby bump to the world to see at MTV VMAS last night after performing. It was a great surprised and she stole the show with her creative move.
Beyonce pregnant Beyonce pregnant    for reals! (Pics!)
Congrats to Beyonce as she is showing up her baby bump
INFphoto 1801863 Beyonce pregnant    for reals! (Pics!)
In this shot which was taken earlier this month, Beyonce is clearly hiding her bump under that furry coat. Way to go

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Hello everyone, we are lucky not to be evacuating due to the hurricane.people in part of manhattan are warned to leave their highrise apartments and their is a possibility of con ed cutting power to prevent damages. heavy rain and strong wind are hitting us tonight, the tree by our house is going left to right. by the way its the little guy first hurricane...

Please continue to pray and be safe as we embrace the hurricane, tornado, storm and anything else that come our way.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Irene to hit NYC

.... Everyone is preparing as Hurricane Irene is scheduled to make landing in NYC. The evacuation process has started today and much more will happen in the morning. Mass transit will be closing by noon on Saturday, it seems like NY City will be shutting down as the hurricane gets closer. Today, it felt like it was black Friday as the lines at the super market reached out of the door, Target, BJS and everywhere else have been very busy  as the people are getting ready for the storm.  I already did some shopping, I got water, food, and other necessary items just in case we can't leave the house. I am so thankful that I don't have to evacuate and hopefully there won't be much damaged.  PLEASE STAY OUT OF THE STREET SATURDAY NIGHT

Please pray as we embrace Hurricane Irene

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sleep time

  After spending weeks struggling in finding the best way to keep Ayden sleeping  longer during the day. I finally  came to realization that sleeping on his stomach with supervision is the best way to go. Yep that's right, for the  past 2 days Ayden has been sleeping on his tummy for a long period of time and he enjoys too. Now I have more time to do things around the house.
I just want to say that Ayden only sleeps on his tummy during the day and we switch on his back at night time. For all the new mom out there it's okay to let the baby sleeps on his or her tummy while being a new born... By the way I'm taking Ayden back to the office tomorrow to visit the gang..

I love these tiny little feet

tummy time is great

Thursday, August 18, 2011

First Month

Last Friday our amazing son Ayden turned a month and we are so blessed to have him. We could not have done much celebration because he was hospitalized due to his low platelets. Yep, the platelets went really low from 84,24,then 14. It's really devastating to see our son had to through all this. We really have no control over the platelets.  Friday night he received the IGIV transfusion, it will help boost up his platelets and we were lucky to have it up on Sunday morning. Usually the platelets suppose to leave body within 4 weeks however that's not the case with Ayden. We are on follow ups with the hematology and our goal is to have a steady number around 125 or higher.

Ayden my angel you are one month and here is what you have been up to:

  • Mommy and Daddy were very happy to welcome you into the world
  • you are the happening in our lives
  • you spent nine 9 days in the NICU due to the low platelets after birth
  • you have gained about 4 pounds since birth
  • you now weight 10 pounds and getting very tall
  • you can't fit 0-3 months outfit anymore
  • you are now wearing  size 3-6 and 6-9 months
  • you are still sleeping in the bassinet but soon would be transferred into the crib
  • you are very alert with sound, lights, and images
  • you start to follow mommy and daddy with your eyes
  • you are eating very well, you take the breast milk mostly from the bottle
  • you also take the formula only when necessary
  • you have a great smile
  • you don't like the heat at all
  • your sleep pattern through the night is normal and we are thankful for only waking up 3 times in the night (fingers crossed)
  • During tummy times you are able to lift your head up and turn it from left to right
  • you have good grip and reflex
  • you love taking baths, you are very calm when it's bath time

Dear Ayden,
we are so blessed to have  you as a child and we thank God everyday. As new parents we are learning as we go and we really thank you for your patience. We will do everthing we can to continue making you happy. Remember both sides of the family loves you.
Love Always,

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Let's be hopeful!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Ayden is doing well and today he had an appointment with the hematology to check for his platelets. During Ayden's last doctor's visit his platelets count was at 84 and the goal was to come back in 2 weeks in anticipation of getting a better number. Unfortunately today his platelets went down drastically to 22, it's a heart breaker for me to handle. it is a critical time because we have to be very care full with Ayden, he can't have any cuts or bruises on his body and he have to supervise his body for any trace of blood. I don't like seeing my child sick, I get very stress and worry all the times. All I want is for Ayden's visit to the hematology to end However, from what we heard today there's a possibility for him to be hospitalized if the platelets continue to get lower. Usually by 4 weeks the platelets should be cleared so we are hopeful by this Friday it should go up. Honestly, as a new mom I am very worried about the health of my child especially when you have to see the doctor more than once. I have to keep praying. it's really hard not to think about what's going although everyone is telling you that your child is healthy and everything will be okay.
I took these pictures while I was trying on the shoes on him.
His first little shoes
Im so comfortable on my daddy's lap


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

3 weeks

I can't believe I am 3 weeks into postpartum. Since Ayden now is a resident in my house, I have been very busy with keeping up with his schedule and mine. Life has been very different now that I have somebody to tend to, to care for and love. I am beyond happy with my son by side.

Ayden is now 3 weeks and is doing so well. Eating, sleeping and pooping are his favorite things so far. He is very alert and starting to control his head. He does not take the breast like I would have wanted him to, however he takes the breast milk from the pump. The pediatrician wants me to continue with the approach but Ayden really gets upset when he is around it. He has his day when he takes the breast milk, I am just happy that I am able to provide him the real nutritious fortified milk and save some money for now.
Daddy goes back to work today and we miss him already, I am now trying to get use to be alone with him. My hubby does so much with Ayden and words can't explain how much work he puts in putting everything together for him. He is such a great dad to his son and happy to have him as the father of Ayden. The help from my sister and my mom will be needed  much more now. I really love spending quality time with my son, he is such a blessing and a gift from God.
We love you Ayden