Tuesday, March 29, 2011

First night at the hospital

After spending more than a week with the pain in my rib cage, I visited the doctor's office this morning and I was told that I would be admitted. Sadly after all the blood work and xray, the doctor feels it is in my best interest to stay here because of the sickle cell. The baby's health is great thanks the Lord. I am hooked to I V and lots of high dose of pain killer. I'm not sure how long I'm gonna have to stay here. I'm here sharing the room with another sick pregnant woman and Mike can't even stay with me..God is with me and everyone's prayers.
I'm all drugged up....that's it for now..
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Monday, March 28, 2011

Painful Weekend!!!

I had a really hard time over the weekend with my body and the pregnancy. I have never experienced anything like that before, I had severe pain in the left side of my body the rib cage area. It's not just my side, what made it worse it was the fact that there might have been some kind of inflammation in the bones. Sleeping was something I could not have done peacefully. Breathing, walking, sneezing are all affected. I can't take a deep breath without holding on to my side, I have short of breath even when I'm having a conversation. I have contacted the nurse and I was told its the muscles that are expanding to make way for the baby. Seriously I feel like I am paralysed on one side.

It's Monday and it does not look like pain is going away. I was thinking of not going to work but since I am saving my sick days to add on the maternity vacation, I had to show up. All my muscles are aching and the nurse believes that it could be a sickle cell crisis that I am going through. Not again! I was told to continue taking the Tylenol and use a heating pad for comfort..most likely I might go see the doctor tomorrow if I get no relieve..

On a lighter note***** even though I was in pain I managed to do the baby shower registry for the baby shower at Target and Toys R Us. I will have more on that this week..
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

22 Weeks..

I am ready to put down the winter coat.
At 22 weeks I feel great...nothing major happens in the pregnancy this week besides being uncomfortable when sleeping. I am not able to sleep for the whole night on back and as result, my rib cage is really hurting, it also affects my breathing. I am trying so hard to stay on my back but i always find myself sleeping on my left and right side even with a pillow. I don't know what to do and I can't afford to get sick, please anyone if you have any tips for my sleeping pattern let me know.

The baby continues to kick and I love every moment of it. I'm so glad to know that my baby is connecting with mommy and daddy, we love it when he reacts to our voices..its amazingly awesome to see how well this little guy is doing in my belly...

Now that my belly is getting bigger I'm having difficulty finding loose clothes to wear. Almost every week I go to the stores to get something new. I am not really a big fan of maternity clothing because they don't really fit my body and they all look like MOOMOO. So far I carry the pregnancy only in my belly so it becomes harder for me to find clothes that would actually fit me well.  So now I have been buying size medium instead of small in tops and maternity pants. I'm so ready for some good weather because I will be able to wear dresses and be comfortable...
That's it for now...
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

21 Weeks!!!!

I am way into 21 weeks and this post is somewhat late... So far week 21 has been going smoothly.. the baby is moving more and he seems to be responding to our voices.. My belly is getting bigger, I got seats offer on the train- I am glad people are aware of my big belly... still no crazy craving..

 Over the weekend i started feeling pain in my left shoulder and from that point on I knew exactly what was going on... It's the Sickle cell crisis that was taking over my body, My shoulder hurts to the point where i could not let my left hand down. I spent  weekend and this week taking  Tylenol. When i first visited my doctor i was told that throughout the pregnancy i would have some type of crisis as the baby gets bigger. the reason for that is because my body is going to be overwhelmed with  all the changes, and there's always the what if questions? the doctor is not taking any chances with not having me under close watch.  I am very hopeful that pain is not going to control my pregnancy. I have faith in God. Right now i am drinking plenty of fluid, stay stress free and fatigue free. I have the best doctor to help with the sickle cell and the pregnancy.

Besides the pain in the shoulder, everything else is great. I finally told my dad about me getting my own place and being pregnant. You might wonder why so late? well he was in Haiti for the winter season and he just came back to NEW YORK this week. His response was " OK i thought you were like 2 months pregnant" really no dad, i did like everyone else in the family. When they got pregnant they all waited until they were 5 months to make the big announcement. At the end of the conversation he understood my point and he was excited to be a grandpa again... So for now that's all I have......

Friday, March 11, 2011

Pray for Japan!!!!!

Disaster hit Japan. This reminds me so much of when the earthquake hit Haiti last January 2010. Today I woke up to terrible news no one wanted to hear on a Friday morning. Part of Japan is under water as an 8.8 magnitude earthquake hit Japan causing a Tsunami, and as you can see from the images the waves went for everything in its path including cars, building, ships, and people. As a result thousands are fear dead and missing. Part of the Pacific from North to South America  is under warning including Hawaii, San Fransisco. In crisis like this all we can do is pray. To anyone who may have someone or know someone who lives in Japan, my heart goes out to you all and I will pray for you. We just have to stick together and keep the Japanese community in our prayer.

God Bless the wordl!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How old is too old for a PACIFIER?

Yep, Suri  Cruise who is the most stylish celebrity kids in Hollywood was spotted sucking on her pacify....Really! at 5 years, and the other day i was telling my manager at work that before my little boy turns 1 he should be off the paci... You know what my opinion is just for me and i am sure everyone has different take on the subject.

You be the judge!!!!!
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Monday, March 7, 2011

20 Weeks Pregnant!!! Half Way there

Yep i am 20 weeks and 4 days, I am so bless to make this far, Whoo hoo!!!! which means i only have about 143 days left. it seems like it was yesterday when i was just 7 weeks. Last Friday I had my prenatal appointment and everything is coming a long great with the baby and my body. The technician was helpful when doing the ultrasound, she was having conversation and assured me that the baby is doing great. She gave me several pictures to look at, so eexcited. at 20 weeks my baby likes his privacy, he did not want to turn for the tech to check his spine, he was sleeping most of the time. it took about 20 minutes before she got a complete view of his spine... I really don't blame him, he only wants mommy to look at him.

20 Weeks Pregnant...

 I could not have been any happier when we found out we are having a boy. During the first trimester I had so many dreams about baby boys. Not one time did i think of girls and I am guessing it was a sign that a boy will be part of my life. Dreams really mean a lot to me so i always take them seriously, i sometimes spend days thinking about them.

  • thus far the baby weighs 11 ounces
  • all the body parts are looking good and healthy
  • the ultrasound went well and I made sure the doctor check the sex of the baby because at week 16 it was still a bit too small.
  • it's a BOY, un petit Garcon, el Nino,
  • the kicks are getting stronger
  • I weight 137, from February to March I gain 11 pounds... 
  • My BP is ok, no protein in urine
  • no cravings really
  • my neck continues to get darker
  • i am using Bio oil and Cocao Butter to prevent stretch marks
  • I miss my regular clothes, like skirts and shirt. Everything has to be loose so that i can be comfortable
overall we are happy with the way things are progressing and with our prayers and strong faith in GOD everything will be okay.
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