Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone is having joyous Christmas with their loved ones. May your Christmas Day be filled with joy, peace, hope, laughter, and love. While we are sharing gifts, and we are also praising The Lord and celebrating Jesus Christ. In this holiday we give thanks and continue to care for one another, and think of the less fortunate. I'm very blessed to share this holiday with my family and friends and social media friends.  
Have a bless and merry Christmas Day!!!

Monday, December 23, 2013


I hope everyone had a great and hopefully you're done or half way there with Christmas shopping since the big holiday is only 2 days away. In this festive season it's all about giving and sharing. We bought gifts for my niece, Ayden's friends and the teachers at the daycare. We did not get a lot of stuff but I'm hoping one day I can get him the iPad to help him out with schooling. I got him educational toys along with a car and other gifts from my mom and my sister. 
We got the presents wrap and place under the Christmas tree. I sent out the cards to the friends and family. I think this year I did better than last year in terms of having the presents wrapped and sent out. 
Saturday was unseasonably warm, the temperature was in the 60s and we loved it. so we headed to macys to view the window display for the holiday. It was a gorgeous day for some outdoor activity and the little guy had a great time going from window to window. 
Below are pictures that capture our weekend. 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Weekend update

I hope you all had a great weekend. On the northeast side of the country we a bitter cold weekend with snow falling throughout most Saturday. Even with the cold front we managed to run few errands outside. We spent sometimes in the snow and my little boy enjoyed every minutes of it. We saw Santa and went on a pajama party with CowBella from the pajanimals. We had Great with CowBella with all the kids who attended. 
The holiday is around the corner and I'm still not ready. It's a though time for me right now but I will manage to a make great Christmas for my family. We are going to spend the Christmas at my sister's house and at my mother in laws house too in two different boroughs. 

He likes CowBella.  

Friday, December 6, 2013

Our son!

Happy Friday! We put this video together of our  son. it's a glimpse of his wonderful journey through childhood. he is so grown at 29 months besides it brings back all the memories when he was just a new born. He is the joy and rock of our lives and we are so thankful. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Holiday update

I hope everyone had a great time with their loved ones over the holiday. Im so thankful for my wonderful family, they are an amazing team. Mike and I were hosting thanksgiving this year that means we had a lot to do. We did some of the cooking the night before then finish the rest before the guests arrived. We kept it small just like last year, My sister came with her family and my mom.  Although it was small we had a great time. We watched some football game but  had major plan on doing big Black Friday shopping. Since we don't live too from Toys R Us my sister and I visted the store to purchase diapers and wipes that were on sale. Other than that I stayed away from the stores with the long lines and chaos. Besides I had no desire on making any big purchase since money is very tight for me right now. I'm beyond great full for my family and I hope you're of yours as well. I really hope you had a wonderful memorable holiday weekend. 

My niece Cydney who is almost 6 moths. 

Grandma and her two grand kids. Such a blessing. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Our son

Our little two year old son really enjoys  taking pictures. He is getting so good at it. Theses pictures were taking last week.  We are amazed by his curiosity every single day. 
Since it's football season he is all into watching the games, and screaming out touchdown every time they score. He is such a sport fanatic. 

Weekend recap

So it's Tuesday night and I'm here dropping a few lines about the highlights of our week. For starters Halloween was great. Ayden was Iron Man and went out trick or treating with his daycare. We had a friend visit from the UK and spent some lovely time with her and her two year old daughter. The kids had such a great time. We went to Chuck E Cheese, to the park and went to the Halloween festival in the neighborhood. The weather was great. Overall it was really fun week.