Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring is in the air

with the 5th annual flower show at Macys. This is one of my favorite show at Macys, during the month of March and April Macys is transformed into a magical garden. it's a colorful exotic garden full of excitement with different kinds of flowers, trees and themes. This is year Macys once more proves why they are on top of the world with 10 different garden environment, including the magnificent hot air balloon center piece, Palm and Topiary gardens and over 30,000 different varieties of exotic trees. This year  show features 5 impressive designers from the Chicago area, they will showcase their art work for the world to see...
img1269866466037.jpg Sprint PictureMail picture by nadgel
The exotic garden.
  img1269866466784.jpg Sprint PictureMail picture by nadgel

This is the  hot air balloon... Only AT MACYS.. WHERE MAGIC HAPPENS!

img1269866466515.jpg Sprint PictureMail picture by nadgel

img1269866554096.jpg Sprint PictureMail picture by nadgel
Different Kites hanging from several branches of the poles...
img1269866551689.jpg Sprint PictureMail picture by nadgel
Lots of color flowers for EASTER...
This is the flower of the day... it will be on display for 3 days...

Flower of the day....

img1269866467174.jpg Sprint PictureMail picture by nadgel

img1269866465774.jpg Sprint PictureMail picture by nadgel

img1269866396386.jpg Sprint PictureMail picture by nadgel

img1269866466226.jpg Sprint PictureMail picture by nadgel

img1269864957072.jpg Sprint PictureMail picture by nadgel

The vase holding on to the hot air balloon.. Very impressive I should say!
Lots of bugs everywhere...

The Macys Flower show!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hey Y'all I am in ATLANTA

Happy sunday everyone! i am now in ATLANTA and i could not believe how beautiful it is... there are so many trees compare to NYC, it feels real southern. I got on the train and it's everything i would  want NYC trains to be like with a TV to give you the news, the conductors explaining thouroughly how the train operates, and the train stations are spotless... i just wish NYC train would be like that... when it comes to the housing i am speecheless, they are so spaceous for anyone in NYC to rent a 1 bedroom like that it would be in the thousands.. I really  like what i am seeing so far in ATLANTA..

So many trees.....

That's the ailine that i use.... Hartsfield -Jackson international Airport

it was such a beautiful day in ATLANTA

Thursday, March 18, 2010

What a concert!

So today i have a different state of mind... i really thought today was Friday, i am tired and i am loosing my voice... i know you're might wonder what happened to her? well,, last night I went to  the concert that  i have been talking about for months and man i enjoyed myself....Not only was Alicia Keys great, also she brought to the stage the talented Beyonce, Jay-Z and of course Robin Thick... seriously who does that!!!!!!!! only in NYC Alicia Keys could bring down the house like that... The arena  MSG went wild when Beyonce showed up on stage.... I lost my voice from screaming, my body aches from dancing, plus i have a terrible headache... I HAD A BLAST THOUGH.... I got my money worth every dollar... What makes her concert stands out is because she lets everyone know about what's going in the world, to remind people that yeah you can go party and at the same time think about the people who are less fortunate and  living in poverty, hunger and diseases. The message was to continue helping one another, continue to give to any charity of your choice, continue to be happy and pray for the country... this is why ALICIA KEYS is the greatest... I just lover her.....

I had a wonderful at the concert...

people started to take their seats...

I took these pictures on my phone sorry about visibility...
I will post pictures from my camera sometimes this weekend...
Waiting on line to use the Ladies room...     

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

ATLANTA here i come!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep that is right, i am going to ATLANTA this weekend and i am soooo excited.... I am hoping that the weather will be perfect without the rain that's going on now. I guess one can say that's my spring break..I am going to visit my sister and really want to see what the south has to offer.... After looking into several traveling sites i finally found an awesome deals on the plane tickets... boy let me tell you,I was happy to score big on the special. I bought the tickets back in January on a special from AIRTRAN for only 131 bucks in total that's $59 each way... when you see those king of deals you just can't let them go..

Focus Management group Atlanta Georgia

The Georgia Aquarium

 File:190 Atlanta, GA.JPG

Alicia Keys concert.... is tonight

I am going to see Alicia Keys tonight and i am super excited... I have been waiting for this for so long and now the day has finally come... The Diva Miss Alicia keys is very talented with a voice that came from above and I am very proud of her for her hard work on stage and contribution to help others off stage. This girl can sing and from what i heard it's going to be a concert to remember.
 Alicia Keys Image 07
Alicia Keys
That's from the Today Show...
 ALICIA KEYS photo | Alicia Keys

Monday, March 15, 2010

Do we look like twins????????

That's what i heard every time my sister and I hang out. She posted that picture on facebook and everyone commenting on how much we look alike.... I also added some pictures of my mom and Mike...

Me and my older sister Bertha summer 09 in NYC when she came visit from ATLANTA..

That's me and my mom in the summer....

That's Michael and I at the Mets stadium in NYC QUEENS enjoying the game of baseball..

Saturday, March 13, 2010

A wash out weekend!

Gusty wind, heavy rain flood in NYC... Umbrellas have no power with what's going out there.. we could see up to 3 inches of rain. i have no choice but to stay indoor today. I found myself watching all the old school movies from romance, action to comedy. it's no joke with this storm, hearing the wind roaring makes it impossible not to look out the window.
Damaging wind makes it invisible to communicate
that's the look of outside... IT'S CRAZY OUT HERE...
Mad wind in the NCY..... THIS WEEKEND

Friday, March 12, 2010

It's Friday!!!!!!!!!!

Last weekend we had a gorgeous weekend so much for wonderful weather however, this weekend is going to be a wash out with heavy rain and wind throughout Saturday and Sunday. Since i know it's going to be a wet weekend, we decided to go have a date night dinner Thursday to avoid the rainy weekend. We went to the Vietnamese restaurant from the neighbor, it's very comfortable place to spend some quality with your significant.  Instead of having sushi we decided to have their house special. I was a bit skeptical about trying other food that i am not familiar with since the names are so weird to pronounce. After asking the waitress tones of questions about the food I decided on the shrimp with vegetables. (Gasp) oh my, I was amazed by how delicious the food was. I will certainly go back to have some more of that food...
The food was so tasty, i hope to go there again...
i AM loving this food... Hmmmm Hmmmm good.
That's Michael's food, he had chicken and that was soooo Delicious...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Free Secret card with Purchase.

Victoria secret is having a special throughout the month of March, Simply make a $10 purchase and you will receive a secret reward card worth 10,50,100 or even 500. So be sure to click here to find more details.

i love my body

Happy Saving!

The Itching won't stop

I don't know if it's hives, chicken pox, poison plants and Ivy, or just allergy. I have been dealing with the itchy skin or skin rash since Sunday. It occurs all over my whole body. Let me tell you it's really painful, it's really hard to explain because the tiny bumps OR skin rash come every year around spring season. I can't sleep at night because i have the urge to scratch, at work i have to wear a long sleeve sweater to keep me from scratching the affected area. I try to stay away from large gathering so that i don't have to shake people's hand. In the subway i wear my gloves just to keep the bumps out of sight. I don't know why every year my body just breaks out like that, I have met with several doctors and no one can give me a definite answers, it's always " it could be hives, or i have never seen anything like this". I spent countless hours in the emergency room just to hear " we don't know what it could be, but i will prescribe Cortizone for now". It's really depressing because the doctors can't give me a diagnose. 
I have to meet with an allergist today and i am going to keep my fingers crossed hopefully something good will come out of it.
Most likely the doctor will prescribe it to me again.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Manicure and Pedicure only $25 at IGUAZU

Happy Tuesday! So we have been bless with a gorgeous weather this weekend, and it continues throughout the week in NYC. It's that time for everyone to put away the heavy coats and sweaters and start thinking about flat shoes, sandals, leggings and much more. Well before you start wearing your opened toes sandals, start thinking about getting a manicure and pedicure it's only $25 if purchase today. Click here to purchase this deal, remember you only have today to get it for that price.  Yep not much time left and trust me on that you can't go wrong with that price. At Iguazu you will have a great experience. Here what you need to know about this deal: this special is not valid on Sundays and it's good for 1 year only. Call to schedule your appointment no walks-in.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy Friday!!!!!!!!

After having a brutal week of snow, rain and wind we are about to get some warm weather for the weekend on the East Coast. whoo ooh! I am super excited about that. Usually when i am at work i don't really think much about the weekend but today that's all I have been thinking about. After a very long week of working hard, i really deserve a fun weekend. So much things to do this weekend. First i really  have to get my taxes done, then go get my nephews for the day. My hands are going to be full with both of them, i can handle that besides they are adorable and i really can't let them stay in the house. I also have to start thinking about what i am going to wear to Alicia Key concert.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Today only $25 Full Body Organic Spray Tan

Ok you know it's Tuesday!  and I have the right deal for you just in time for this gorgeous up coming weather and spring break. SpaSally has worked with NYC's best spas to offer one of their most popular service every Tuesday for only $25. That's right at Shade Bar Boutique in NEW YORK CITY you will get a full body organic spray tan for only $25, a great way to start your summer.. Yep that's the price only $25 so be sure to check this deal out here . This special is good for only today and you have only 13 hours left before it's gone, however you could use the deal any day you want within a year. Remember you have the option of getting an up grade. As always please call before showing up at the place, no walks-in allowed.


Happy saving!