Tuesday, June 21, 2011

35 weeks and out of the hospital

On friday I got discharged from the hospital and I am so thankful and blessed to be out. Being in isolation is not something I really like but to protect me from everyone else it had to happen. I got antibiotic to help fight the infection and pain medication to help ease up the crisis from the sickle cell. Now I am 35 weeks and I am taking everything slowly. After everything I went through during the pregnancy I am so glad that I never loose my faith in GOD and so far everything is going the God's way.  I went back to work on Monday and now I am training the temp who will take over when i do go on maternity leave. Everyone at work thought I should not have come back to work, but you know what when I only HAVE 10 weeks of Maternity left I really try to save them for the right time.  I only have about 3 weeks and I am really trying to make the best out of. I already got a perm and got a pedicure for the big day.

My feet continue to swell and the back of my feet hurt so much now. I have so much difficulty at night when sleeping. people still ignore me on the crowded train, It's once in a while people offer me a seat. The crib is all set and the bedding set that I ordered from target.com came and will have it on the crib. We started to make the diaper bag and have all the last minute things ready. My sister already bought her ticket to come for the birth of his nephew.

Friday is my next appointment and I can't wait to hear what the doctor and the nurse have to say.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Week 34!!!!

So I start week 34 in hospital, yes I have been hospitalized since Friday night. Once again I am going through sickle cell crisis that is really bad. After getting all type of tests done I found that my blood count was low and I have some type bacteria in the bladder more like a bladder infection.
I am now addimitted into isolation and on tuesday I received 2 bags of blood to help my body and baby boy healthy. I really appreciate everyone who donated blood. Now I weight 162 due to water retention in my feet and legs. My legs are so huge I cant even stand for 5 minutes on them..
So far the baby is doing great, im getting medications for the infection and im not sure when I be disgarged.
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

week 33

Lately I have been so lazy to even write the weekly post. I am so close to the end zone...I am now in the last day of week 33 and one of the new symptom that I have now is sleep. I can't stay up at work, on the train even at home...I feel like I'm starting the first trimester all over again...not so fun because its not like I can take a nap at work...
How am I doing? Well because of the sickle cell I have been feeling pain everyday that last about a minute than goes away. I don't have to use any sort of energy for the pain to come. It usually starts in my back and work its way to my chest, the other night I had an episode where I could not move my body on the bed, I just laid there in pain and hoping it could go away soon. Ever since baby boy has gained so much weight I have been feeling sick, it looks my body can't really take all that weight. That's one of the worries my doctor has because I can go into labor anytime now. At this age into the pregnancy we are taking everything week by week and I was warned about the effect the sickle cell could have on me as I reach the end of the pregnancy. I am worried but at the same thing I am trying not to be too stressful, I know with the help of prayers that I will make it pain free. I have been walking at a lower speed so that I can breath easier and not have to worry..
The baby boy is doing wonderfully, the jabs are stronger so to the point I jump from my sleep.... Baby boy makes so tired but I love him so much that it does really mean anything.
I washed the baby clothes, I ordered the crib and the chest. By this weekend hopefully I will start making the Baby bag. I am in the hunt for wall letters just to write his name next to his crib. Friday is my next appointment with another ultrasound so I am excited to see the little guy.
I hope everyone stays cool in the HEAT that's passing in the northeast.
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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

32 Weeks!!!

This is a DKNY dress I got last year from MACYS
I'm a little late with this post because I was so busy at work and at home due to the holiday and the babyshower...I am moving on up with the due date... it's almost here!!!!!!!!!!!!
Last week I had my prenatal visit and everything is looking good. The baby is healthy and so is my body.. there is no protein in the urine, blood pressure is normal and most importantly there is no sign of preeclampsia..thank you Lord. the doctor recommends for me to drink plenty of water since it's getting really hot outside now...I have no problem falling asleep at night, the frequent urine continues, no sign of cravings, nor heartburn.  I feel a lot more tired now, my walk speed has reduced tremendously., I sometimes feel pain in my butt when i start walking (not sure why). I have noticed my neck and face getting darker and I have few pimples in my face. My nose is somewhat getting bigger and here and there my feet are starting to swell a little.

The belly is getting bigger and baby boy interacts more with mommy...he is getting bigger now, he weighs 4 pounds and 2ounces and during the ultrasound session he smiles for mommy. pretty cool!. That was such a heart felt moment for me just to see his little face moving..my next appointment is in 2 weeks and I can't wait to go...
My sister from Atlanta was there for the baby shower and we did what sisters do best... She accompanied me to the doctor's visit. She saw the baby during the ultrasound session and was super excited about that. We spent a lot of time of together and we took lots of pictures.......This is the first week during the pregnancy that I took so many pictures.... Believe it or not I really enjoy taking them and enjoy being pregnant. Please note all these dresses are my regular clothes from my own closet, I am not a big fan of maternity clothing....

Me and my older sister who is soon to be my son Godson!!

At Herald Square in NYC.. The top is from H&M and so is the legging



That's it for now...
I hope you enjoy these great pictures........
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