Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Storm hits NYC !!!!

This what i woke up to today..  Heavy snow,  gusty winds, sleet and everything you can think of during a winter storm.. so bring out your winter boots to fight the snow, to get to work I put on my UGG to keep my feet warm and help me walk in the snow. All public Schools are closed, and some offices are also close. Public transportation like the Long Island Rail Road, MTA, NEW JERSEY TRANSIT all are running with residual delay throughout the day... It's brutal now in NYC . There's a Blizzard waning in effect for New York until 6 AM Thursday. Seriously, this is what we have to go through for the next 72 hours.. I did not even stack the house with food.. Oh no!

I snapped those shots in front of my building this morning


Gusty winds hit NYC
One the worker is making an attempt to help clean the walk way
That's the snow truck cleaning out the snow on the streets...

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