Thursday, October 7, 2010

9 by Design

If Bravo is part your TV selection to watch then you should know the stars of the new reality show 9 By Design and what the show is all about. As a New Yorker, I really enjoy watching it, it's a very laid back show, to me it's very family oriented and i just love seeing husband and wife work as a team. It's good to see how the buildings get transform into something beautiful.  Here's a little bio of the show, the reason the show is called 9 By Design is because it's the two of them  plus 7 children. Wow that's a lot of children!!!!! yep having 7 kids and running a business in NYC can be overwhelming. However, the Novogratz manage to get it done.
When you see it's hard for Cortney and Bob Novogratz, developer-designers  to sell their  modern townhouse in Manhattan's West Village, you know  the economy has really gone down the hill even for them. The townhouse overlooking the Hudson River originally was listed for  $25 million last year and is now offered at $18.95 million. Darn it! that's a big cut. The townhouse is really a dream house but too bad i can't afford. Although it's not my price range, it just does hurt to talk about it.

Townhouse in the West Village

Cortney and Bob Novogratz, developer-designers

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