Friday, October 7, 2011

It's been so long!!!!!!!!

Happy Friday everyone!! It's been so crazy busy on my side of the block this week with work and going back and forth with Ayden to my mom's house for babysitting. By the grace of God baby Ayden is doing great, he had discovered his fingers and feet. His favorite attractions right now are his feet and sucking on his fingers, he knows the direction of his mouth; how excited!. Ayden does a lot more talking, kicking and is trying to pull his body up to sit. I can't believe it but he wears 9 months clothes in size and he will be out of the 3-6months size very soon. It's unbelievable are Ayden is out growing the clothes very fast. I got him some stuff from gap the other day and i am hoping he won't grow out of them soon. the way things are going Ayden may need his own closet.  Im still nursing and he loves taking his bottle.
        this week was somewhat a little chilly so we had to dress him with extra layers and coats to keep warm, even at night since we haven't gotten heat yet in the house. Days like that made miss the summer and spring but i am sure he will adapt to the cold weather very fast.
 I hope everyone have a lovely and safe holiday weekend, it's a long weekend if you don't have to go work on Monday but since i have to work it's like any other weekend. Until then these great pictures of baby boy.

look at me now! Im ready to go

I love playing in my crib
Tummy time!!!!!!!
Look what i can do

 mommy i am going to fall

I can sit on my own