Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holiday recap!!!!

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving and much more. In our house it was the first thanksgiving with our son and as a family. We are so thankful for our son, as you all know after years of trying to conceive God finally blessed us with a beautiful son whom we love very much.  We had a great time, mom and sister came over, we had a small dinner nothing over the top. Mike cooked the delicious turkey and other stuff to put on the table. Although it was a small affair I really enjoyed it, maybe one year it will be bigger with more people coming over but for now we like it small.
I did not do the black Friday shopping this year and besides I did not really see anything I wanted that bad to stand in the long line in the cold for hours. Friday evening I visited Baby R Us and found a bargain on the store brand diapers and wipes. I was running out diaper anyway so i got about 3 packs of diapers they were only $10 and baby wipes for only $5 with lots of coupons inside the box. I thought that was a great deal because they are usually much more expansive. By the way I got organic pants and other tops, sandals, boysuit and sneakers for only $2 at Baby R us, I just love a great deal. I am happy mama doing it Economically.

I got a small Christmas tree for Ayden from Target and I will be putting it up this weekend. I am super excited to see his reaction when the tree is lit. Now it's all about him this holiday season with gifts and clothes for him. I have to get him ready to meet Santa and taking family photo for the holiday. So much to do before it gets crazy at the stores and the mall. I am going to check out the great offer VISTAPRINT.COM is giving.
 By the way his 4 months old post is running late but i will post it soon.
I am thankful for Daddy and Mommy for loving me
Baby boy just love taking pictures, He gets really excited when he sees the phone
My serious pose ma,
We went to church on Sunday, last year when i found out I was pregnant I took the very first sonogram picture to church to pray for the great gift we had received from the Lord. Fast forward to this year, I have a healthy boy and happy family. GOD is really GREAT! This outfit was gift from co-worker and it's a 9 month old outfit. I really can't believe he is actually wearing 9, and 12 months in size. Baby boy is just getting so tall.
It was time to go to church.


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