Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend update

I hope everyone had a lovely relaxing long holiday weekend with their loved ones. It's the unofficial start of summer and we got a taste of the weather this weekend. It was baby boy first memorial day and daddy's birthday too. I was not complaining at all, we had a great time. Even though we did have a barbecue or go to beach we still make time to enjoy each other. Baby boy enjoyed the sun greatly, and I'm so excited because now he can actually play with other kids in the park. His personality is coming out more and more, he is able to point when he wants something, he is talking a lot more and he is not too far from walking. I have a low production of breastmilk and we start him on formula this weekend. I really hope that the formula goes well with his belly.
So much more to talk about until then please enjoy Ayden photos.

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