Sunday, September 16, 2012

14 months!!

Yep big boy turned fourteen months and is so busy, he is on the move and reaching many milestones. He is an explorer and he is talking a lot more now. This boy is so joyful and we are so blessed to be spending our time with him. He is doing well at the daycare, he has his moment when he cries for us in the morning. He continues to drink milk and eating table food, he likes his vegetables and drinking his juice regularly. His waistline is still small because size 6-9 months still fit him in pants, having said that he wears size 2T because he is getting so tall. He likes his books and plays well with his toys. He can get on and off the sofa without assistant, he understands direction and he is responding well to the Spanish language. His teeth are still growing and he sleeps well at night. He responds well to the word NO.
Overall we are happy with our son development and we thank God everyday for his blessing.

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