Monday, April 12, 2010

Hiatus from my blog....

Yeah, after coming from Atlanta things have been somewhat crazy at home and at work. I have yet to upload the photos from the Atlanta trip or the Alicia Keys concert. So here's how the story goes, first day of work from vacation I found out that I will be moving into a different floor immediately, where i barely know anyone. the whole moving thing took all my time and i have lots of work to do with the logs and placing all the traffic instructions. I had so much stuff to catch on and the drama that goes on this small department is unbelievable.  When i got home i was either too tired or just did not have the energy to go browse the web or even checking out my blog.
As for home, My brother is hospitalized and my cute little nephew Jonathan( 2yrs old) was also hospitalized with breathing problem. I have been battling an allergy that left me with swollen eyes and runny nose. This year the allergy has really taken its toll me on. I spent several hours sneezing with my eyes irritating and being in a public place its just not cool when everyone stares at you like you're from Mars.
The other day i went to see my GNY and i was told that I need to have another surgery to take out the other CYST that i have on my right side. 2 years ago i had one removed on the same spot with part of my Fallopian tube. and of course what i heard from the doctor was it's going to take you a while to have children, and it's really draining me to know that i may have to go to the fertility clinic to get help...Anyway.....I am staying positive that things will be better for Mike and I...

I am happy to be back and working on my blog, i am working on getting the comments box fix.

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