Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day

When you hear of Labor Day all you can think of if you're from the West Indies is the parade, the festival, the colorful costumes, the food, the culture and of course the people. I made sure this year i got a piece of the celebration that went on  in Brooklyn on 9/6. This is year is the first time i have gone to the parade and I enjoyed every part of.  It was a great celebration, it's a reminder of  what back home is all about. I really appreciate how the all the countries come together to show unity, when you see 3 friends they all have a flag with a different color of their country. A long the road there were so many vendors selling delicious food with lots of flavor from different countries, curry chicken, roti, oxtail, grio, all of these were popular among the buyers.. If you ever in New York during the Labor Day don't hesitate to join the parade..

Labor Day in Brooklyn
Throughout Brooklyn people were selling flags, food any thing you know they serve in the Island...
I really like this one, one of my favorite
The people are following the floats and enjoying themselves........
I had no idea that the Haitian floats had the most people behind them... It was a great day.
The vibrant color and the people that's what makes the parade..
The streets were filled with colorful costumes
I got my flag to wave in the air.....
It was a beautiful day for the West Indians to celebrate
Elephant Man representing Jamaica on the Parkway.....

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