Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Harsh reality for Amber

I knew all a long from watching that episode when Amber Portwood attacked Gary Shirley that something was wrong and something must be done. It's sad that it took investigators 3 months to file charges. Amber Portwood is facing three felony counts and a misdemeanor, for domestic battery, violence, and neglect of her child.  I am a big fan of the show " Teen Mom" but Amber has crossed the line, I felt that if it was Gary was attacking her right in front of all the MTV crews, something would have been done right away, they would have interfered and put a stop to the fight. Here's what really happened... during the airing of the show Amber had an argument with Gary and decided to slapped Gary several times right in from of all the MTV crews and their daughter Leah.  Right now the story slowly started to surface a cross the web and all over the  media but i feel it's a little too late because if it was a man who attacked a woman on any show it would have been a breaking news or a lead in to the 10 pm news the next day. The man would have to leave the show and go straight to jail. I think the society we live in is very corrupted and it's not really a great example for our kids to see. I am not a fan violence on Women, Men, Children and Amber Portwood should be the example of violence against men. Although she is only only 20 I really hope she learned from her mistakes and stop hitting people.

Amber Portwood from MTV reality show " Teen Mom"

Amber Portwood Weight Loss Picture

Amber Portwood and daughter Leah on the streets of Anderson, Indiana

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