Tuesday, June 21, 2011

35 weeks and out of the hospital

On friday I got discharged from the hospital and I am so thankful and blessed to be out. Being in isolation is not something I really like but to protect me from everyone else it had to happen. I got antibiotic to help fight the infection and pain medication to help ease up the crisis from the sickle cell. Now I am 35 weeks and I am taking everything slowly. After everything I went through during the pregnancy I am so glad that I never loose my faith in GOD and so far everything is going the God's way.  I went back to work on Monday and now I am training the temp who will take over when i do go on maternity leave. Everyone at work thought I should not have come back to work, but you know what when I only HAVE 10 weeks of Maternity left I really try to save them for the right time.  I only have about 3 weeks and I am really trying to make the best out of. I already got a perm and got a pedicure for the big day.

My feet continue to swell and the back of my feet hurt so much now. I have so much difficulty at night when sleeping. people still ignore me on the crowded train, It's once in a while people offer me a seat. The crib is all set and the bedding set that I ordered from target.com came and will have it on the crib. We started to make the diaper bag and have all the last minute things ready. My sister already bought her ticket to come for the birth of his nephew.

Friday is my next appointment and I can't wait to hear what the doctor and the nurse have to say.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear you had to be put in the hospital but you are right, God is gonna take care of you!!!!