Wednesday, June 8, 2011

week 33

Lately I have been so lazy to even write the weekly post. I am so close to the end zone...I am now in the last day of week 33 and one of the new symptom that I have now is sleep. I can't stay up at work, on the train even at home...I feel like I'm starting the first trimester all over again...not so fun because its not like I can take a nap at work...
How am I doing? Well because of the sickle cell I have been feeling pain everyday that last about a minute than goes away. I don't have to use any sort of energy for the pain to come. It usually starts in my back and work its way to my chest, the other night I had an episode where I could not move my body on the bed, I just laid there in pain and hoping it could go away soon. Ever since baby boy has gained so much weight I have been feeling sick, it looks my body can't really take all that weight. That's one of the worries my doctor has because I can go into labor anytime now. At this age into the pregnancy we are taking everything week by week and I was warned about the effect the sickle cell could have on me as I reach the end of the pregnancy. I am worried but at the same thing I am trying not to be too stressful, I know with the help of prayers that I will make it pain free. I have been walking at a lower speed so that I can breath easier and not have to worry..
The baby boy is doing wonderfully, the jabs are stronger so to the point I jump from my sleep.... Baby boy makes so tired but I love him so much that it does really mean anything.
I washed the baby clothes, I ordered the crib and the chest. By this weekend hopefully I will start making the Baby bag. I am in the hunt for wall letters just to write his name next to his crib. Friday is my next appointment with another ultrasound so I am excited to see the little guy.
I hope everyone stays cool in the HEAT that's passing in the northeast.
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Sunny said...

You look absolutely beautiful... and I feel you completely on the exhaust. The first trimester was the worst for me because I didn't even have energy to get off the couch. Now that I'm in the third, I'll get off the couch, but I'll fall asleep wherever I sit. LOL!