Sunday, September 25, 2011

Back at work

I survived the first week at work without having Ayden in my arms. It was big week at work because i had to get ready for the fourth quarter, and it's not easy when you have to reach out to the agencies and tracking down tapes.  It was also very difficult a week leading up to me going back to work. I tried to explain it to  Ayden that I will not be around him like i used to, mommy has to go back to work and that he will see mommy late in the evening.

Being back at work meaning I need to take time out for pumping, I am very luck to have a lactating room on my floor and that my manager is very supportive of the situation. I try to pump at least 3 times during the day. It's really not easy when i have meetings to attend or when i have to work on getting a log out on time.

Going back to work is also mean to have a place to leave Ayden. Well my original plan for babysitter  was my mother, it was something i have been talking to her about and she seriously gave me the impression that she will be the one watching Ayden while we go to work.  well the plan had been changed and we had to find a babysitter before the week was over. Lucky for us my neighbor is willing to take care of Ayden M-F. it was the toughest decision I had to make, he is only 2 months and he is already spending most his of days at a stranger's house. I am going to miss all of his milestones.

speaking of milestones Ayden just discovers his tiny fingers and the direction of his mouth. his best thing right now is to put his fingers in his mouth, he is trying to touch and grab on things. He looks so cute when he is making the attempt of reaching.

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