Sunday, December 11, 2011

4 months update!

So our little guy turned 4 months a few weeks ago, and I am finally have the time to do a post. I have been wrapped up in work and  with the holiday upon us time has been a bit short and that's why this post so late. Ayden is doing so well at 4 months and we are so blessed to have him in our lives. He is the joy of our lives, he is so fun to be around. I thank God everyday for blessing us with Ayden. His babysitter loves him and she takes good care of him too, we are lucky to have her.

I put up a small Christmas tree for him and we have yet to take family photo or meet Santa. I really hope to do it soon, but it's just a timing issue with work. It's getting so busy since we are reaching the end of the quarter but I have to make time for my family too, after all  it's just a job.

Here is an update on the little guy since turning 4 months:
  • he is a supported sitter now, and can sit on his own briefly
  • not so solid food was introduced to him and he loves his food, he has eaten sweet potato, carrots and rice cereal. So far so good with the food. 
  • He is still on breastmilk and all his other food are mixed with the milk.
  • he giggles a lot louder now, everyday he makes a different sounds ( we just love how he babbles on and on)
  • He continues to sleep long hours like 8-9 hours through the night. We are so blessed for not waking up so much at night.
  • he is only getting breast milk
He drools non stop these days.
  •  he wears 6,9,12 months clothes in size, it also depends in the brands.
  • he is very curious, he likes to grab, and hold on tight to his toys, he has a teeter to keep him busy with his gum.
  • he is a happy baby who rarely cries (so thankful for that)
  • hearing his laugh is so joyful
  • he does not take the pacifier but he sucks on his thumb daily
  • he is big fan of being on the floor, he does his tummy time from there. He can turn from his stomach to his back, he is able to pull himself up when laying down.
  • he can create bubbles in his mouth, wetting his clothes all the time
  • he is very engaging, he responds to his name, he loves when we read to him
  • he starts to mimicking sounds that we make
  • he can put his feet in his mouth, he is able to grab his thighs and to pull his socks off now.
  • During his doctor visit everything went well: he is at 16lbs, he is on time with the shots, and his platelets are going up. Thank you Lord for that! 
  • His pediatrician is happy with his progress. He has to go to see the hematology every 3 months for regular check up.
I can't believe how big he is getting now. he was less than a month old in the pictures in the white. the other pictures are when he is 4 months old. Wow! so much has changed
Another picture mom, come on!


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Anonymous said...

Yay!!!! I'm glad to hear Ayden is doing great. They grow up so fast.