Sunday, December 11, 2011

On the hunt for a good stroller.....

 Our stroller that I got from Khols only last a few month, it's a First Year brand that ironically barely makes it to 3 months. Please don't make the same mistake i made stay away from the First Year strollers. When i am on the street the stroller has a mind of its own; it would stop suddenly, the breaks from the front wheels lock on their own, the strap was way to short for Ayden when he has on a coat. It was always a fight with the stroller.

2 weeks ago i started doing research for a stroller that would be durable and last for a long time.  I was going crazy to find something in decent price range. I know it was not going to be the bugaboo, I started going to Buy buy baby to check out their strollers. I have seen so many great strollers but some of them have short handles and barely have any room in the baskets. I was leaning toward the baby jogger since i am always on the go and leaving in NY requires a great strollers that would be compatible to the subway. After days of research I finally settle for Ted and Phils stroller from Zulily. I found this great site and now i am hooked, I was so lucky to find the stroller at 50% off retail price. If you check any other retailers the strollers run from 5oo to 900 bucks, very pricey!  From you will find great bargain up 90% off.  By the way some of their offer are final sale, so make sure you really want the item before making your purchase.

Check out what they are offering everyday and it's easy to sign up.

Phil & Teds Dash Buggy Stroller - Black/Charcoal.Opens in a new window
Phil and Teds Dash from Zulily. I got this one.
This stroller is good for up to when the kid turn 5 years old


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