Tuesday, March 20, 2012


 My baby turns 8 months this month, and I'm asking myself where did the time go? He has been on the move since he turned 6 months but now we have to really make space for him since he is a lot more mobile. He is so independent, he loves being on the floor, he can clap his hands, he can said no by shaking his head, he said no a lot more during feeding time of course. He is responsive to the word NO. you got to start discipline at very early age. The teeth have not come yet but it's getting real close I'm guesting by the end of March to mid April something will be there.
He is a happy baby who sleeps through the night. He doesn't wake up for feeding during the night. He is very talkative, super active too. He is able to stand by pulling himself up from sitting down.  he will make an attempt to put almost anything he can in his mouth.
He had his last appointment with the Hematology and everything went well.His platelets are very high and will continue to go higher. The doctors are so impressed with his improvement. I'm blessed to God that our child is growing healthy and happy.
As far food, he is doing well with table food and he is getting breast milk too. I prepare home made food
for him and grandma always makes his favorite too. At 8 months he it's wearing 12,9,6-12 in size and it also depends on the brands we even go up to 18 months sometimes.
I love being mom and so grateful for my hubby who's always there for me to lean on. We are so blessed to have him and praise the Lord everyday for the gift of life.
First time in the park

boy will be boy!

I am coming for you

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Sunny said...

That is awesome news!!! Congratulations on his continued health!!!