Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fun day at the park

We are so blessed to have mild winter so far in the northeast and this week has been like any other week. Exceptional weather we could not have asked for more, since daylight saving darkness does not come early anymore which means more time to take stroll in the park. I took Ayden outside twice this week after work for about one hour; with his little outfit without a coat and he loves it, his eyes are everywhere looking at the trees, the commotions that's going around us. he was amazed by the big blue sky he saw above him. While at the park I met a new mom with her 8 month old baby boy, they both were born in July, and now i have a new friend to talk about baby related issues and anything else. I am hoping the weather will hold up for this weekend so that we can go spend some time in central park with our new friend.

Ayden enjoying a beautiful day outside in the park

He loves being outside

Ayden is exploring the park

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Anonymous said...

He is so handsome!!!