Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wednesday Obsession!!!

Ladies, Ladies here is the story....I am OBSESSED with this brand called TSUBO.  For starters TSUBO specializes in comfort mix with chick for all the fashionista out there. Their footwear are super fabulous, fun, comfortable and you can rock these shoes all day long without ever complaining. I have become a fan about 3 years ago and since i have own more than 4 pairs of shoes. I seriously can't get enough of their shoes. if you're looking for comfort and great style, Tsubo is the way to go. I am not a big fan of high heel shoes but these are exceptional because they are built with Cushion oval bubbles strategically placed on the sole of the shoe at various pressure points of the foot. These bubbles not only provide comfort, it's more like a brand recognition for shoppers, you will instantly know these shoes are TSUBO and they SUPER comfy.  These shoes can get very pricey and that's why I chose as my go to shopping center for great deals mostly up to 75% original price with FREE SHIPPING. You just can't go wrong there..

these sandals come in 3 different colors

they come in 2 colors

also comes in black


Cece said...

Well great! Now I am obsessed with those snakeskin flats. Soooo cute!!!

Cece said...

Those snake print flats are soooo cute!!! I am all about comfort. I'm so over my feet hurting. I will need to check out this company.