Friday, September 20, 2013

Meet my new phone..

Today was the big day for anyone to get their hands on the new iPhone. This year apple introduced 2 different phones, iPhone C and iPhone5S. You have the option of getting a cheap version made out of plastic in 5 different colors or you can get the regular phone with all the availabilities. As always it was worth spend few days standing in line waiting. Well we on the other hand did not spend more than 3 hours waiting. We have an AT&T store by us and my wonderful hubby went there to get us the phone early Friday morning. It was not as chaotic like the apple stores or any phone retailers in midtown. Lucky us! 
I'm just so content with this new phone. It does everything that I was looking for and much more. The picture options are amazingly awesome. I'm making the best out of my new phone. 
If you're due for an upgrade you can trade your old phone to get that one. It will be a great choice and decision besides you won't regret it. 
I got my new iPhone5s 

NYC 34 st. 

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