Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend update!

I hope you had a greet weekend with your family.  We had wonderful weekend. We started out playing tennis and then a little bit of excersise. In the afternoon we took a stroll in the park where we met with ayden's best friend Marvin. The last time they saw each other was at the end of July. It was a such a great moment for them as they started calling out each other's names. They played in the park and enjoyed each other's company. 
Later that evening we visited my mother and stopped at children's place to buy him pjs since we are into fall and it's getting chilli at night.
On Sunday my sister came by the house with her niece Cydney to spend some times with us. I really thought Ayden would feel some kind of way about Cydney being that she's a baby  we have to pay close attention to her. Ayden was very friendly with his cousin, playing and laughing. I'm just so happy to see how well he behaves around infant. It's really good to spend quality time with your family. Although we did not do anything over the top but we enjoyed the quiet moment we had with each. We are so bless for our family. I hope you have a wonderful week. 


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