Sunday, January 19, 2014

Road to the SuperBowl!!!

HAPPY SUNDAY!! In case you don't know this but Today is the biggest day in the NFL for us the fans, advertisers , the teams and more. Today's game determine who gets to go to NEW YORK for the big game. It's the SuperBowl and this what all the players dream off from the first day off the season to today. The games are even more special because for the 4 teams it's a rivalry that's big and so much to loose.  It's old school vs new school. Payton Manning vs Tom Brady will be playing their biggest game today. Legacies are on the online, history in the making, stakes are high and it's now or wait for next year. When you're that close to the big game, you're thinking about playing well, make great plays, standout  and be hero for you and your team. All the hard works will be put to a test today and I'm very excited to see who really wants it more. 
Side note: I won tickets to the superbowl party that Magic Johnson is hosting in the Time Warner building. I'm beyond excited and great way to start celebrating my birthday. 

Who wants it more. 
Legends will be made. 

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