Thursday, March 20, 2014

Another surgery!

It was a week ago today that I underwent surgery to remove a cyst, a mass in the  fallopian tube and scar tissues that were around my ovaries. It was the second time that I went for the laparoscopic cystectomy, the first time was in fall of 07 and a lot has changed since then. Back in 07, because part of my fallopian tube was removed; I was told it would be a lot harder for me to conceive. However by the grace of God and my strong faith I was able to conceived three years later with one tube. This year I faced the same issues.  It was after I had my son I started experience sharp pain in the lower abdomen, I kept putting it off like the cyst would really go away or like my doctor said it would shrink on its own. That did not happen, as a matter of fact it got bigger, and the good tube that i have was blocked with fluid, making it a lot harder for me to conceive again. With this surgery the doctor was able to drain out the fluid, scraped away the scar tissues, and the complete removal of the cyst. 

I was so anxious going in this time around just because I have a son, a hubby, a dog, I'm not living with my mom and I am working at a good job, This is  a lot of responsibility on my shoulder. The surgery went well and I had the best team from Presbyterian hospital. I took a week off from to recover and it's been very lonely being at home resting. How much TV can I watch? My body is doing well and I feel wonderful. My family has been by side and my hubby is a great caretaker. Even though I am getting better I still have to take the recovery one step at a time, especially when it comes to  heavy lifting, this is out of the questions. It's really impossible when I have a very active 2 and a half year old who needs his mommy. 

Here we go! 
A very painful and swollen belly
With this surgery wearing fitted clothings are out of the pictures for now. 


Cece said...

Oh that poor swollen belly! That hospital bed look familiar. I guess they are all the same. Hope you are doing well.

Nadia Gelin said...

yes Thank you. I am doing much better. Yep all hospital beds look the same.