Sunday, March 23, 2014

Back to work

Hope you had a fabulous weekend. It's so to speak spring season but this week feels more like winter all over again. The inconsistency in the weather is driving me nuts for several reasons. There's a snow storm making it's way to the East cost for Tuesday and Wednesday. The allergy has gotten worse, I can barely sleep at night,  I am exhausted from wearing layers upon layers. On the bright side I'm hoping this week will the last week of the cold front. 
Today is back to work for after a full week of recooperating from the surgery. I feel good and I am so blessed to be going back to work. I seriously miss going to work. 

Since we sort of had a taste of spring on Saturday so I took Ayden to the park. He had a great time even though he was coughing uncontrollably. For some odd reason Ayden tends to get sick when there's no consistency in the weather. Hopefully he will get better in time for the summer. 

Brax our puppy. 

Have a wonderful and positive week. 


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