Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I need help on concieving

2 years ago i had a cyst removed with part of the Fallopian tube as a result, the doctor said it will take me while before i can conceive. It was a devasteded news to hear that it would take me longer to get pregnant. I know there are lots of women out there like me who are in the same predicament. I pray to GOD that one day things will change for me and my fiancee. We are working on conceiving every month so i try not to loose faith. I make sure i have my ovulation calendar ready and keep it with me everywhere i go. it's very difficult to see people having fun by with their kids or see pregnant women at work on even on the train, I always wonder when it will be my turn.

I try not to think about it, just be hopeful is really the best thing we could do. About 3 months ago I visited a high risk pregnancy doctor and she prescribed me "Pre-natal Elite", I am also taking Folic Acid to help my body preparing for whenever it happens. I don't drink coffee or consume alcohol, i try not to eat anything that can delay the pregnancy even longer. I have a gynecology but he is not really a good help, he does not even bother to prescribe me any medication that could help me conceive. I know if you're reading this blog you probably wondering why am i telling the world about my situation. Well i feel it's been a relief for us to talk about our problem and i am sure there are other couple out there like us. I am opened to any advice, comments anyone may have. If you know anyway you can help me please don't hesitate to send me some information.

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