Friday, April 24, 2009

what i am doing

It's a beautiful day today and believe it or not, it is freezing in the office. What I'm supposed to do when it's that cold, I have the heater on and I'm still cold. today i might go to bed bath and beyond but i can't really bring anything home because my fiancee will get mad plus i don't really have space. until we move into our new apartment i can't really bring anything home however, i still do. I mostly shop for dinning ware, housewares, and i don't want to be stressful when the day comes for us to move. The fact that i find really good reasonable bargain i just can't pass that along, when it comes to shopping it's good to take advantage.

I can't wait for saturday because I am going to spend time with my neices and nephew, i know it's going to fun. I just love them so much:)

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