Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy December!!

  • Wow, I really can't believe the year is almost over. The holiday season has finally kicked in and now it's that time again for everyone to start going crazy for gifts and everything that makes everyone irks during the holiday. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere I go I notice all the beautiful window display, all the trees are surrounded with Xmas lights. The salvation army representatives are standing with their little ringing bell on hands in every corner of NYC asking for small donation. Every major offices around NYC including retailers have a huge box in their lobby asking kindly for everyone to donate their used and warm clean coats to the homeless or bring can food or toys to help the less fortunate children of America. If you're company is not doing the coat drive, you could always donate your warm coats  by checking out their site at www.newyorkcares.org  to get more information.
  •   Speaking of gifts I know so many people who share their birthday and Christmas so close together i don't even know if I should just get one gift or get 2 things but small items. I usually get my sister 2 gifts but this year i am not too sure how i am going to do it. 
  • There are so much things I have to do, starting with work. We are to start working on accelerate schedule for the holiday and since all the agencies and other staffs  will be out early it makes my job even harder, we have to get more than 2 logs out per day. Crazy hours meaning  long day at the office everyday, no time to shop:(  In spite of all the craziness that will be going on for the holiday at the office, I am optimistic that things will run smoothly. Since it's December I have to start think about the Christmas parties I have to attend, what to wear and hopefully it wont be too cold. Last year after the company party I was in the hospital for week so this year I  plan on being very careful. I have to worry about dressing warm now because it's starts to get cold.  December comes in with a cold front and it looks like it getting even colder for the weekend.

Happy December!
Happy Holidays!
Happy Shopping!

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