Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Itching won't stop

I don't know if it's hives, chicken pox, poison plants and Ivy, or just allergy. I have been dealing with the itchy skin or skin rash since Sunday. It occurs all over my whole body. Let me tell you it's really painful, it's really hard to explain because the tiny bumps OR skin rash come every year around spring season. I can't sleep at night because i have the urge to scratch, at work i have to wear a long sleeve sweater to keep me from scratching the affected area. I try to stay away from large gathering so that i don't have to shake people's hand. In the subway i wear my gloves just to keep the bumps out of sight. I don't know why every year my body just breaks out like that, I have met with several doctors and no one can give me a definite answers, it's always " it could be hives, or i have never seen anything like this". I spent countless hours in the emergency room just to hear " we don't know what it could be, but i will prescribe Cortizone for now". It's really depressing because the doctors can't give me a diagnose. 
I have to meet with an allergist today and i am going to keep my fingers crossed hopefully something good will come out of it.
Most likely the doctor will prescribe it to me again.

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