Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Haiti Cherie,

On this day May 18,1803 was the day when the Haitian revolutionaries chose the red and the blue banner to represent what Haiti is all about and  for their chosen flag. Since then the flag represents  a symbol of unity, peace, pride and individual liberty for all Haitians. In Haiti the flag day is national celebration with lots of parades, festivities throughout the country. Even outside of Haiti, the Haitians pay a tribute to the flag by having parades, and everyone carries the flag for week.  It's a bitter sweet celebration for Haitians as they work together with world  to help rebuild the country after the devastating earthquake hit the country on January 12.

These are the Revolutionaries  who fought for our freedom and slavery during the war against the FrenchThey are Toussaint Louverture,Jean-Jacques Dessalines, Henry Christophe, and Alexnadre Petion

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