Friday, May 21, 2010

the Queen of Haiti

Last night there was a free concert at Lincoln Center in NYC and Haitian's iconic figure was to there to perform. I had such a wonderful time and when i listened to the old songs that i have not heard in such a long time it brought back memories from when i was little girl living in Haiti... I was reminiscing about all the things i used to when these songs came out...I hardly ever go to any Haitians festivities however, for that one i had to be there.  having said that, i had the best time ever. Emeline was introduced to some during the telethon that was done for Haiti back in January.  Emeline is such a role model to us all and i am glad to have met her. Her soulful voice and her traditional sexy dance really were the highlight of the performance... Here are some shots that i took last night from my phone... a little side note i took on a cell phone so the adjustment is not quiet there.

Emeline Michel

There she was outside talking to all her devoted fans... very grateful to have met her
Emeline Michel performs at "Hope for Haiti Now"

Emeline Michel on stage
Emeline the queen of soul signing off her CD at Lincoln Center
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