Thursday, May 27, 2010


Yeah i was like what it that? Everyone in the office have been talking about ZUMBA and i was curious to find out it's all about. I had no idea what ZUMBA was until i started watching the infomercial early one Sunday morning. I was blown away, I started doing the all the moves while i was getting the  hint to buy the DVD now for only 19.95.... Since everyone in the office have been bragging about how good they feel and how much fun they have i figure i should give it a try.  So I checked it out on Tuesday and i oh my.... i loved it, i loved it so much i am going back next Tuesday.  It's so much fun anyone can do it and i mean anyone. The class is a combination of dancing salsa while you are having fun and burning calories. Everyone is doing it why not you. if you're looking for something fun easy to do with no stress while burning fat then ZUMBA is for you. Check here for more info.

that's me in the green t-shirt  doing ZUMBA

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