Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Friday!!!!!!!!

Hey Everyone! I hope you guys are ready for a beautiful weekend a long with celebrating father's day. Although summer starts on Monday but you should start with the beach, park and wearing shorts this weekend.  I am soooooooo excited for this weekend because last weekend i was babysitting my 2 nephews from Friday until Sunday and let me tell you, it's no joke. Having to watch 2 kids under the age 3 is no fun, I felt like i was tied and could not really do anything to free myself. The screaming, the yelling, throwing, touching, grabbing on everything and they would not stay still. I was running everywhere in the house. When it comes to bed time and nap time, It was so difficult because their parents don't give them a set time. it's not registered for them that they have to be in bed. it was such a struggle and i learned a lot from this experience. I am hopping that my child or children will not act this way and i will make sure they have a bed time.

  Truth be told I really love my 2 cute nephews but it was so difficult for me to do this job. It was a last minute call and i fell for it, My sister-in-law knows i wont say no when it comes to the kids and she told it would be just for one day and without consulting me  they tuned it until Sunday. I would maybe do it again but only with one child.

Anyway, i am so totally  ready to do all things i could not do last weekend. We are going to see Karate kid the movie and spend some much needed time together. Now it's time to go do some shopping for some fun summer dresses, shorts, skirt and flip flop. Macy's, H&M, JC Penny and Old Navy have really cool summer essentials... Check them out this weekend for your father's day shopping gift and for  yourself. 

Happy Summer!!!!!!!!!
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