Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Saga continues for the all the Eclipse fans....

The wait is finally over for all the fans out there. Bella, Edward and Jacob are back and this time it's lot more complicated for the blood suckers and the dogs.... The Vampire romance has created quiet a stir in the opening day .. Twilight Eclipse just broke the record mark with an overwhelming overnight tickets sold, between 12am to 3am screenings. The fans lined up in the earlier hour and waited patiently outside the movie theaters all across the country to be first to see the much anticipated sequel... As a result, the Eclipse broke the New Moon record to take home $30M in the first 3 hours, WOW that's a lot cash for the Vampire family.. Since it's a holiday weekend i know the theaters are going to be very packed, so I am going to wait and go early morning on the weekend and it's will a lot cheaper too. By the way, I just found out about going to the movie in morning is the best thing ever, it's less expansive and a lot more relaxing. For only $6.00 it's worth the early morning hour...

midnight Manhattan_-_Kips_Bay
Faithful fans waited for hours to see the Blockbuster movie Twilight Eclipse in NYC

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